Pho 2000, Pho Of The President – Best Place for Beef Noodles in Ho Chi Minh

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Pho 2000, Pho Of The President 

This is the newly emphasized question nowadays: where to slurp up the best beef noodles in Saigon? You know, the always busy beef noodles place, with queues of people, identifiable spring rolls, salad rolls, beef pho and grilled pork with rice noodles rock. There can only be one place in Ho Chi Minh, and it happens to be just a few steps away from the Bến Thành Market, the large marketplace in central Vietnam District 1.

The Pho 2000, The Noodles of Vietnam – Pho Of The President, is a small chain of noodle restaurant which is known because former US President Bill Clinton having stopped by for a bowl of soup; he was the first US president to visit Vietnam since the American-Vietnamese war.

When Bill Clinton visited, he ordered a pho ga (pho with chicken) and sampled a pho bo (pho with beef) and drank a glass of papaya juice. I’m no Bill Clinton but I think their beef pho is excellent, soup is tasty and beef is tender. It’s one of the best beef noodles I’ve ever tried so far. It’s a traditional yet upgraded version of the street-style Vietnamese beef noodle soup, so you sure get the best of all Clinton-Saigon notions.

Address: 1-3 Đ Phan Chu Trinh District #1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Opening Hours: Daily 6:00 am – 12:00 nn

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