Star Back Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand: There’s a New Starbucks Rival In Town

Star Back Café in Bangkok Café

Exalting seems to be my hobby currently. I have been exalting and feeling exuberant about all the spontaneous life snaps that are happening right now. I cannot even fathom the level of admiration I have for this year. Fate is so incredible, don’t you think so too? It creates a fury or funny kind of experience altogether that sometimes, you don’t know which one is which. Like for example: Star Back Café in Bangkok Café – fury or funny? A rip of, or an all original? I think it’s a brilliant idea from these Bangkok locals!

The wittiest thing of all is that it’s just beside a Starbucks café place. Premium Thai coffee, yes.  The place exudes this kind of Hollywood style backdrop, and celebrity type of coffee choices. The place offers free WIFI and spacious seating areas, good for bonding, lounging, and hobbying around coffee. It’s that kind of coffee place you would definitely not mind to choose, instead of the usual Starbucks choice.

Address: 444 อาคาร MBK Phayathai Rd, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Rapid River Boats in Bangkok: Your Everyday No Escape Route

River Boats and Ferries in Bangkok, Thailand

Venice, Italy continuously generate a lot of inspiration and ideas for other cities to follow, when it comes to boat rides and water transportations. River boats, ferries, and all other things seem to be romanticized and luxuriated, because of how Venice has depicted it to be. In Asia, some of you may probably notice that you can almost find these kinds of transportations everywhere, most notably in South East Asia. However, it seems to fall under a different kind of romanticism. It’s very “everyday”, and people riding these things don’t seem to be inspired, but perspired! Nope, this is not the touristy kind of river boats; yep, this is the type you would want your local friend to let you try it out.

Take Thailand as an example. The local Thai lady who invited me to ride that boat was eager for me to experience the real romantic side of these river boats. And by romantic, I mean, the everyday awesome adventure that is known as the Bangkok rivers. I’ve tried this a couple of times back then, even the one in HCMC, as well as in Singapore, but there’s something quite distinct about the ones in Thailand that will make you want to not escape. Will you fancy the every day living like a local commute style in Bangkok? You should try it out for yourself at least once!

Think Café in Bangkok: The Smartest Choice for a Coffee Place

Think Café in Bangkok

I know of a place in Bangkok, Thailand where great ideas are brewed into your liking. The Think Café lets you sip and see the brilliant thoughts come to life through coffee conversations and pleasurable pastries. Starting to ruminate whether or not to have a similar coffee shop in Manila someday, because this quaintly commercial place is a “meditation space” for people who’d love good coffee that sparks a good idea; and we know that folks in Manila tend to be the critical thinkers who knows a great deal of everything there is to know about life! LOL

Elaborated with monochromatic tiles and nice fixtures, the Think café looks a bit like a science laboratory. It’s a relatively small place for a coffee shop found inside a mall, but it gives the illusion that it’s big, because it’s almost at a corner place. It is indeed a gorgeous, themed place, not to mention comfy and charming.  I can’t think of a coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere such as the Think cafe. 

They have a variety of coffee and food choices that are exciting to read about. Order-wise, as you can see, the presentation is well “thought of”, I must say. A good choice for those looking for a really nice local commercial café!

Address: 1 Subdistrict, District G Floor Siam Paragon,, 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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