Surfing Spots: Best Island Destinations for Surfers in Pacific

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Best Island Destinations for Surfers in Pacific  
Surfing has always been intrinsically connected to the Pacific because, even though the blood-pumping activity has spread around the world like wildfire, it has been invented by the indigenous people of its countless islands. If you’ve never tried your luck with this challenging yet addicting sport, you can climb the board and begin the balancing act on one of the designated surfing spots – and the best island destinations for surfers in the Pacific.

Oahu, Hawaii

Most “mainstream” travelers associate surfing with the coastline of Hawaii, and this is so for a good reason. Some of the most renowned surfing championships and personalities have used Hawaii waves as the backdrop for acrobatics and awe-inspiring skill. The long-board championships in the fifties put Oahu firmly on the surfing map of the world and it is an important destination for wave-riding pilgrims to this day.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is mostly renowned for its hectic nightlife, but it’s also a beloved surfing destination. Since the seventies, it has been the go-to place for the surfers who are captivated by the Hindu culture, incredible local cuisine and welcoming Balinese residents. The only problem with the location these days is related directly to its overwhelming popularity – its beaches tend to be overcrowded and rubbish maintenance is not the most efficient. In spite of this, it is still one of the most reliable spots for party animal surfers. 

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti is the biggest island of French Polynesia and the primary hub for the surfers and adventurers who flock here from every corner of the world. Along with Bora Bora, it is the most popular destination in the five archipelagos, and its capital Papeete is not only the biggest urbanity around but also a place where you’ll be able to find most necessary amenities for your ocean-bound adventures. This location is treasured among the surfers who like a bit of luxurious hedonism on the side with their wave-riding adventures. Why wouldn’t you take your pick from the irresistible list of incredible Sofitel hotels and bungalows that are spread across the islands and pamper yourself between the surfs?

Tavarua, Fiji

Tavarua is a bona fide surfer’s paradise – a small and irresistibly charming tropical island (only 29 acres) surrounded with pristine blue waters. Since it sits atop a captivating coral reef, it has sandy beaches that slide into the ocean under the gentlest angle. This opens an amazing window of opportunity for surfers to engage the waves. They can start rolling as far as a hundred meters away from the shore. The local people are extremely welcoming and if you start returning to this island year after year, they will welcome you as a member of their family. 

North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s gargantuan landmass is an epic backdrop for unforgettable surfing sessions coupled with inland adventuring. The North Island is a perfect place for those who are never satisfied with only the adrenaline-inducing ocean riding and they want to trek across spellbinding mountain ranges and savannahs. Furthermore, New Zealand is also perfect for rookie adventurists and amateur surfers – due to its impressively long coastline, it is never too hard to find a spot that is not that challenging. The locals are notoriously welcoming and attentive, plus the entire island is well connected with an asphalt cobweb of reliable roads. It is as ideal as the Pacific surfing paradises can be.

People tend to think surfing is the hardest thing in the world and many don’t even try it out. This is really unfortunate because it can also be a casual hobby that gives you justification to travel around the world and spend as much time in the water as possible. It goes without saying that it also requires you to gain physical prowess and stay fit. If you ever visit one of these surfing hotspots in the Pacific, take a chance and give this sport a try.


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