GP: Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

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GP: Types of Travel Insurance Coverage
By now there’s simply no denying that every traveler, especially those going abroad, needs travel insurance. It provides security and protection from all sorts of unexpected situations during a trip. There are several types of travel insurance packages being offered by different providers, ranging from basic to comprehensive forms of coverage. To get value for money, it is the responsibility of every traveler to understand each type of coverage, know the main differences of each plan, and compare which provider and price is the best choice for a more secure travel.

Travel Medical Insurance
To start, travel medical insurance should not be confused with general health insurance. This does not cover normal consultations or visits to the doctor. Instead, it covers medical costs for any medical emergency during travels. It may also cover pre-existing conditions. This is often offered on its own and is a very affordable travel insurance package. You may get this single package if you’re not worried about other non-medical emergencies such as canceled flights, lost baggage, or delayed trips. It is offered for single trips or at extended travel periods.

Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Insurance
One that has a broader coverage than Travel Medical Insurance is Medevac, or Medical Evacuation Insurance. This type of plan covers the cost of emergency medical repatriation – returning someone to their country, and emergency medical evacuation in the event of hospitalization while traveling. This is arranged through the insurance provider’s emergency assistance partner. This coverage usually comes with AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) evacuation and benefits.

Travel Accident Insurance
A travel accident plan covers term life benefits and international accident protection. This can be an addition to another plan, opted by travelers who do not have any form of life insurance and would want their beneficiaries (e.g. spouse and children) covered in case of accidental death and dismemberment while traveling. Other insurance providers also call this the flight travel insurance plan, which may come with repatriation coverage.

Trip Protection Insurance
This is the type of travel insurance that covers non-medical travel emergencies. It usually includes the following:

Delay – covers flight delays according to the provider’s minimum hours of delay and other terms. Depending on the insurance provider, it may provide lump sum cash benefits, and/or accommodation expenses per occurrence.

Cancellation/Interruption – for trip cancellations due, but not limited to, bad weather, illness, denied boarding, and civil commotion and/or strikes.

Loss – coverage for lost travel documents or baggage, with equivalent benefit amount, according to the insured’s type of plan.

There are also specific coverages you can avail, such as a car/vehicle rental protection in the event of an accident for the rental vehicle.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance
This is the most commonly purchased type of travel insurance package because it consists of all of the above plans. It may even be customized according to the individual’s preference. A typical comprehensive travel insurance plan includes baggage and travel documents loss, medical and dental coverage, and trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays. It is important to ask your provider if they cover pre-existing conditions, and offer rental car, sports equipment, and roadside assistance coverage, if it applies on your trip.

Annual and Specialty Travel Insurance Plans
Opted by frequent travelers and traveling families, it is a type of extended comprehensive travel insurance. Supplemental benefits are added such as term life insurance, and car rentals, which provide more security and peace of mind to those insured and their beneficiaries. No matter which travel insurance package you choose, always read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions that comes with it. Mindfulness and a proper travel insurance are the keys to a safe and positive travel experience.

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