Red Dot Design Museum along Marina Bay Promenade: A MUST Re-Visit Museum

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Red Dot Design Museum along Marina Bay Promenade

For those of you who are on a quest to (re)discover Singapore through good doses of art and culture, museums are the places for-you-for-sure. For a city so young and modern, you’ll be surprised to know about the profusion of museums strategically scattered around this red dot island. From National Museums, Heritage Museums, and other public and private museums, every visit will be a chance to get to know art and culture from different museum scenes (The ration between malls versus museums in Singapore seem to be getting closer!).

The biggies: National Gallery Singapore, Art Science Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum, or the National Museum of Singapore are always there --- parading itself with its historical and cultural flairs that anyone would want to cross it out as part of their inner-culture-vulture bucket lists. Nevertheless, can I interest you in this often overlooked and underrated museum that is really worth a revisit?

Yes, this newly re-opened Red Dot Design Museum along the iconic Marina Bay Promenade, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. Back in the day when I first landed in Singapore, one of the very first museums that I visited and remembered during my entire trip was this first-ever contemporary design museum in Asia. Who could forget this bold red-painted landmark along Maxwell Road, Tanjong Pagar that turns heads even from afar?

Flash forward to my first business trip stint, then as a foreign worker here in Singapore, I found myself re-visiting this museum, because of its overall impression and inspiration it gives. The World of Design is indeed fascinating, and you get to travel with your imagination upon seeing the displays here. It really helps you weave an interesting narrative of the potential of contemporary design. Now, with a full glass facade building and strong structural architectural patterns, every inner architect, designer, and visionary in you will just appreciate the place at the very onset of your visit. Plus, it is the only night museum in Singapore that is still open up until 2:00 in the morning! Museum night owls, care to visit?

With over 300 Red Dot award-winning futuristic design concepts from the Red Dot Award for Design Concept, unlike other museums, the ambiance and friendliness of this place give you that kind of welcome curiosity that’ll ignite your interest in design. Concepts, prototypes, and new products are spectacularly mapped out around the two-floor split type area, visitors are encouraged to “play” around with the exhibits, and get a glimpse of what our future might bring – be it from different manufacturers, in-house designers, or award winners.

Much like the other museums around Singapore, the Red Dot Design Museum encourages learning through an excellent display of visuals – in this case, design and conceptualization. What sets this museum apart from the rest though, is the fact that every year, there are about 10,000+ designers and 50+ countries who participate to develop design concepts that’ll, later on, be used by the awarding body to be part of the Red Dot Design Museum. Guaranteed best of the best of the of the best of the of the best of the of the best of the (multiplied by 10,000+) very best, yes?

Would you fancy to wear a Sharkman Wearable Furniture? An Easy Push Trolley Case? Or a Sightless Dog Antenna? Or the Same Strain Ceramic? How about some an electrically power-assisted wheelchair that plays music? My personal favorite – the Pocket Charger utilizing Smart Pulse charging, which is fast due to low current input – and it’s an entry from SINGAPORE! Take note though, this is just for this year, so better visit before the displays change.

A colossal shout-out to the best museum squad I’ve met, for sharing stories and smiles about this museum, and for being instrumental in the success and sustainability of this red dot gallery.

Address: 11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 A.M. – 2:00 A.M.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedDotDesignMuseumSG/


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