Helsinki Regional Transport Authority: Ferry to UNESCO Approved Suomenlinna Island

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 5 Comments

Ferry to UNESCO Approved Suomenlinna Island
It is Christmas season and all I can ever think of right now is Changi Airport and my next destination. I wish to be transported to somewhere colder than our office aircon, and whiter than our white-sashed walls at home. My imagination is bringing me back to the times I visited Helsinki, Finland and that hauntingly beautiful UNESCO Island known as the Suomenlinna Sveaborg. I’ll save this for another post though, because I want you to know about this equally awesome Christmas ready kind of winter experience known as the Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL) Ferry that brings you straight to the Suomenlinna.

Though the schedule varies from season to season, the HSL Ferry operates 1 to 4 times hourly from morning until night time. Since it’s just literally just beside the Market Square, where all your bargain stuffs you can buy, and opposite of the Presidential Palace, where all the royal that thou you can see, it’s a landmark in itself just to visit this place, if you ask me. I remember when we arrived here one winter morning, I was surprised by the vast amount of space and panoramic potential of the area. There’s a Ferris wheel just beside the terminal, and a few blocks away from the ferry service, you’ll reach the shopping district and food places known to Helsinki. It’s really convenient!

It’s good to note that the ferry ticket is part of Helsinki’s overall city transport network; therefore, all HSL tickets are accepted. When we arrived and purchased our tickets before boarding, we acted like the Asians that we were and just stayed too long at the ticket machine on the departure pier. Lol. Stayed longer than normal, mainly because we took photos, sat around, and just tried to act like cool (cold) tourists that we truly are.

When the Suomenlinna ferry arrived, I got curious as to why I saw some car spaces, around 1 – 2 cars depending on the type of ferry you see, but apparently in Helsinki, you can board your car in the ferry as well (just book it in advance, how cool?). Once we boarded the ferry, seeing all the festive spirits of the tourists and locals who were with us during that morning, I cannot help but be glad to see that despite the cold winter weather, the spirit of yuletide was omnipresent enough to keep us warm and fired up! The blocks and blocks of iceberg-like water seen to be cracking, as we moved through the quiet ice bed was a memory I’ll never forget #TitanicFeels so many questions running through my head as we traversed the waters for a couple of minutes (which felt like a lifetime). Yes water transports around Finland are the things you need to try, especially during the Christmas season as it is a different kind of chilly cheer! Happy Holidays! :-)

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