Mariahilferstraße: Souvenirs and Shopping in Vienna, Austria

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Souvenirs and Shopping in Vienna, Austria

No wonder Austria is always included in global lists of top countries to live in. There’s just never a dull day to anticipate here. Now, of course, if you consider shopping, window shopping, souvenir hunting, all out splurging, or just plain jane budget spending as one of the main items to do when you visit a new place, you will find many ways to satisfy your cause here in Vienna, Austria.

You should have heard about Vienna’s longest and liveliest shopping street known as the Mariahilfer Straße. Not only is it near the best ten Churches of Vienna, including the St. Stephen Cathedral, it will be worth every aching knee joint and bruised ankles to walk around, window shop, people watch, or just all out waste time exploring these streets and the side streets in the 6th and 7th districts.

The Mariahilferstraße is Vienna’s version of Orchard road, and it connects the first district of Vienna, known as the the Inner City, from the MuseumsQuartier. Since the inner section is quite well-connected with the U3 subway line, the shopping areas where you can find souvenirs, branded items, cafes, retails shops, and all the interesting stuff can most likely be found in the Inner Sections.

Mahü”, as this street is lovingly dubbed by locals, is where we found ourselves one-weekend early afternoon, as we were in search for some good souvenir kinds of stuff to keep. Old habits are hard to stop, especially if you’re traveling to a new place and other than fond memories, you want to keep some souvenir magnets. Lol. Interesting enough, we found almost all major department stores here! The goods don’t come cheap, though, but the quality is worth the money being asked for.

Vienna is spoiling its locals and tourists alike because of the convenience of this area. Aside from the nice things to do and see around here, there are certainly a lot to pick and shop from. It’s for every life and style you can imagine, and I can safely presume that Austria is included in the global lists of top countries to live in because of places like this one? Haha. Maybe so, why not. In any case, be sure to search for The Vienna Store for some awesome awesome awesome souvs.

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