Berlin, Germany: Walking In and Around This Chill-Pill City

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Berlin, Germany: Walking In and Around

Post-winter season may not be the most ideal travel schedule, but it sure seems like a good idea if you’re an Asian. Haha! Okay not entirely true, but it’s my version of a rite of passage when visiting Europe.

Something riveting about the cold weather (think: 0 degree) that adds momentum to the moments being shared here. I remember my first visit to Europe, it was less than 10 degrees, and I was (literally) chilling across a lakeside in Zurich. It left this indelible impression that up to this day, I could still feel goosebumps whenever I think of it. You like Zurich too, yes?

Back to reality: Berlin, Germany. It was the very first stop to the Euro-travelthon and despite having insufficient amount of airplane time-out, we managed to walk in and around Berlin the same day we arrived.

To my surprise, Berlin is not exactly walkable compared to other European cities. The city is HUGE. We had to ride several train stations to reach one place with a few sites worth visiting, then jump back again in the train to reach to the next. Travel tip: be genuinely honest and buy a 3-day travel pass.

Being the seasoned travel planner that I am, I missed out on some of the items that I initially planned to visit. Haha! But, this is not because of lack of thorough planning, but because each place is unexpectedly worth spending more time with. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in a place where locals are really just chilling around?

These Germans really embody the work-life balance culture, we see a lot of folks in casual mode – casually walking, casually chatting, casually hanging out. Germany is one of the very few cities in Europe that displays this kind of culture. Casual shots of all things Berlin – mostly structures and trinkets of the chill pill culture here in Germany!

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