33 Philippines Travel Blogs Everyone Must Click, Read, and Follow Starting Today

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33 Filipino Travel Blogs Everyone Must Click, Read, and Follow Starting Today

In a not so distant past, I was once an online travel bystander. I read blogs about travel to different cities, places, and off the beaten paths finds out there and some of the best travel bloggers have unconsciously stirred me to the idea of blogging my travel chronicles.

So in that spirit today, I thought I'd give you 33 travel bloggers you should check out, read, and start following. I hope you are here reading my blog every so often ‘cos you’re a lover of travel. These Filipino folks over here will not only give you super excellent kind of writing and pictures about travel, they are also way more versed with a lot of things related to travel, which I still think is just awesome.

If I’m right and you are the kind who gets easily addicted to travel blogs, I apologize, because the last one I posted may not be a full list cos there’s more over here. You are definitely about to add more online airtime for your travel reading because of these bloggers here.

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