It May Be An Incredible Idea To Get Lost Here: Amsterdam Centraal

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Amsterdam Centraal : Be Incredible - Get Lost Here

Despite being robbed of a good long rest, you could see us passionately multi-tasking so early in the morning – we were walking and quivering our way into Amsterdam’s busy morning streets, which were full of cold gusts. Of course we were passionate about it; we were on our way to pursue our first spontaneous train ride to Bruges, Belgium – a totally unprepared endeavor, which of course, is a prerequisite for a totally unprepared epic story.

The Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station is prepared and equipped for these kinds of travel, so everything is almost sure to satisfy. The only thing that could probably dissatisfy it - are people who are robbed of good long rest. Lol. Yes, that’s us. We got lost here, and almost missed our train rides a couple of times. And truth be told, it was a damn incredible fortuitous event. It’s like being in an Amazing Race competition, running around mad, but still managing to stop and pay some awes to the places and things you discover. Every stop here is an incredible idea because there are so many nice things to see, mini-Netherlands trinkets, if you may. The Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station is one of the most beautiful railway stations in all of Europe.

I’m always a fan of this kind of transportation, especially when abroad, because there’s just so much to unearth even by mere standing in a busy platform. It’s like being in a city in itself – you’d see culture, you’d see real time action. True story in Tokyo. True story in Zurich. And now, Amsterdam - some random pictures of the goodness that you can find, when getting lost around the Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station and elsewhere within Netherlands. Find time to get lost in your next train ride exploit; a guaranteed epic story is on your way.

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