Switzerland Travel Video

Monday, January 13, 2014 , 2 Comments

Switzerland Travel Video 

Anyone who said that Switzerland is just boring for travel probably hasn’t been with a good travel group yet. Doing a Euro Trip with the right crazy group and imperfectly perfect set of people would make it more enjoyable, that’s fore sure. In any case, oftentimes, you all hear countless stories of great travel adventures from so many types of people, some good with words, some good with pictures, a lot of times good with recalling all the epic stuffs; but most of them would have a hard time figuring out how to share how they enjoy a highly civilized, exaggeratedly expensive, and “maybe” boring city such as Zurich. Why so? it’s kinda almost next too impossible, because you get culture shocked by the amount of perfection and peacefulness you can find here. Too cultured or too classy for creating travel adventures, much more anything budget-related, or time-constrained, or just any excuse not to enjoy the place. For us though, Switzerland is THE selling point of the things that make Europe a great continent to explore. It’s the best starting point for a Euro-trip - and hope this blockbuster crazy of a video will show you that. Lol.

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  1. A lovely video and I am pleased that you love Switzerland :-)

  2. Thanks Anita! So much to see and I think I missed out a lot of good stuff still. I'm visiting your blog to see the rest of Switzerland :-)