Europe: Travel to the Other Side

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Europe: Travel to the Other Side

Don’t know if it’s an Asian mentality, or a colonized way of thinking, or maybe just plain naivety, but I always see Europe as the other side.

All the Asians out there, are you with me? Do I hear a slow clap somewhere?

But yes, you’ve heard it too: “It’s always greener on the other side.” This proverbial phrase has brought so many people to so many places in life. Has brought out the best, the real, and the most daring life stories one can ever think of. Blame it on the Swiss chocolates and Belgian waffles; I have reverence towards how cool and remarkable Europe is. It is THE old school of old schools. The period of renaissance, history, architecture, and greatness. It is so “other”, so green, and so foreign, that I thought it is impossible to go to Europe.

From budget travels to expat trips, the wandering path led to a fourteen hour flight to this prevailing continent. This path gave a better glimpse of the greens on the other side. And what do you get when you combine green, lime, olive, jade, and emerald? The greenest side of all: EUROPE.

Through the best, the real, and the most daring life stories one can create out of thin air, Europe’s all out with us. From walking around the streets where Einstein used to go in Zurich, to almost getting subway-mugged in Barcelona, to chasing confusing trains in Brussels, to canal-hopping in the icy streets of Amsterdam, and to almost reaching heaven after eating the best gelato in Rome, Europe is all and even more.

No amount of budget travel and an experienced travel mindset will be enough to not appreciate and enjoy Europe. I’ve been traveling throughout Asia to know that this continent is incomparably beautiful. But Europe, incomparable, period. Dang it, it sure was costly but, it sure is priceless too. Guaranteed, wanderlust certainly won’t ever be whole without Europe, and certainly would have a different kind of wholeness once you experience this other side.

EU series starts now, can't wait to share my latest budget adventures with you folks! All the Asians out there, are you with me? Do I hear a slow clap somewhere?

Bowdy is an amateur adventurer, a coffee sleepyhead, and a start-up rooter, with a penchant for classic-looking photos. At last count, he has visited some 60 countries, and is now living in Singapore. He's always in search of fascinating routines to exploit, within the edges of after-office hours and (un)limited holidays.

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