The Value of Busy

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I haven’t fully fathomed the value of busyness until now.

Haven’t you noticed? Well, at first, I haven’t. I (still) feel so idle. LOL Well, February is officially the busiest calendar month for this year, so far. Work is starting to take its full throttle and you can just imagine the amount of work required just to finish, well, work. But not to worry, busyness is just one thread of the quilt, there’s so much more to tie up! And, of course if you know that travel and non-work life will always be there just lurking and waiting for it to be attended to, everything starts to sound tolerable. Everything just links together, because you know you have something to look forward to. Ahhh, dear old passion.

When you have so many things on your plate - from work, to non-work, to dreams, relationships, challenges, finances, and could-have beens, to future worries and hopes, it just seem like the last resort to step back and see the big picture. It’s the last thing on the to-think-about list. We are in fact busy with real life, right? 

But, coming from this busyness state, one travel adventure I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how pre-occupied you are, what matters is the quality of time you invest on these things. Is it worth the time and effort? Is it worth the wait? Is it worth that much? Yes, if you’re truly passionate about it, and you know the quality of value it brings into your life.

Like February, where CNY, HVD, HBD, and OOC are coming up, the expat life of travels and adventures seem like too much. Too much to handle, maybe. Too much of passion, hopefully.  Seeing the big picture makes you REALLY look forward to see the days coming. Not the worrier-kind of way, but the positive one. Yes, so much is happening, busy or not; but, passion keeps things trending in your life even better.


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