Christmas Anticipation

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Christmas is just around the weekend corner and I just can’t contain the excitement knowing that the anticipation and wait is finally nearing its end. Anticipation in knowing that this will be my first Christmas abroad, as an expat, as a beginner. Anticipation in knowing that I’ll be home pretty soon. Anticipation in knowing that I’ll be giving the best Christmas present to my folks back home. Anticipation in knowing that I’ll finally see my friends and the rest of my old life. Ahhh the anticipation - Christmas is definitely the best time of the year to feel excited.

This whole year, I keep telling my roommate, seemed like a whole decade full of extraordinary firsts. It’s no way near perfect, but there’s just so much to be thankful for. The clear misadventures, from travel to everything else, are something to be commemorated. And, this web breathing space is a part of this merriment too.

If you’ve been following this thing for quite some time already, you probably have noticed the sudden shift of things. Yes, this bloke has been boringly busy for the most part of the year. Lots of daily routines being shifted here and there, lots of minor minor and minor major travels around the area, and a whole lot of introspection. I guess that’s one thing about living abroad? You’re “too busy”, but because of the big and lifetime changes happening, you finally find time to do some introspection about yourself and about life in general? Yes?

Well yes, so much has changed in a year and this IS just the beginning. There’s always anticipation, excitement, and celebration and Christmas is always that mark that you both look back and look forward to see these things. Christmas is and will always be the month of commemoration and celebration. What are you celebrating about? What are the things that when you look back with celebration? What are the things that make you look forward with anticipation? 

Happy Holidays!

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