Dumaguete, Philippines Travel Video

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 , 0 Comments

So maybe there’s also such a thing as a local travel bug? ‘cos I was surely bitten by it – really bitten: hard, deep, strong. 

I hit more than five home runs this year from Luzon down to Mindanao. From pristine beaches, to dramatic churches, to adventurous islands, the Philippines is rightfully beautiful. Would have to admit, traveling locally is still a breath of fresh air – you’ll still discover a lot about yourself and about your beloved homeland too. Our country is rich with history and culture, but it’s never given that celebrated welcome it deserves; well, probably because of politics, probably because of the hash tag #ThirdWorld, or probably because of a lot of reasons. Maybe soon, when people decide to give Philippines another try, just like me, they’ll discover too, that our homeland is and can be as glorious as other tourist places around the globe. So for now, here’s an attempt to give Philippines a fighting chance. Here’s a glimpse of the glory that is Dumaguete.


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