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Enthusiasm consists of a permanent intense delight in what is happening in the life around us at all times, combined with a passionate determination to create something from it, some order, some pattern, some artifacts, with gusto and delight. It means attacking problems, puzzles, and obstacles with gumption and with relish.

We can develop this drive in ourselves by consciously looking for the enthralling, the exciting, the enchanting, the emotionally moving in even the most routine or most trivial matters, and applying ourselves to it with all the vigor of which we are capable. We do not have to display a frenzy of histrionics and so become a menace to our friends. But we do need to enjoy unashamedly and uninhibitedly whatever we are doing.

Indonesia will always be a landmark for the Mafia. We have been complete almost our entire adolescent years, from the petty quarrels, to the gruesome tricks, inconceivable love and life stories, and total transformations --- but now it’s clear that we have a different kind of completeness: complete in spirit, support, and assurance. Indonesia finally sealed our incompleteness in physical attendance, but yes no worries, different roads, same destination: Still - destination Mafia. Cheers to years of alliance!


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