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Next destination: DAVAO!

This is me having all the money in the world – spending it for a worthy cause: PH tourism. HAHAHAHA Okay, let’s not get ahead and go all excited. My PH-travel itch is still not that itchy enough for me to really focus on seeing Pinas in all its glory. But hey, I am almost there and good thing is that there are still 7ooo+ islands to wander around. So good luck with that itch and that buying power! hahahahaha

Okay, back to Davao. This place is always associated with two fundamental PH legends: Durian and Mindanao. But, if you’re smart and well-experienced, of course you won’t always believe what you hear or see not unless you experience it for yourselves, right? Thus, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (either that or we’re just looking for a smart excuse to travel some more haha)

Some interesting things we discovered about Davao:
  1. It’s the country's largest city outside Metro Manila and it’s named by the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine as the 10th "Asian City of the Future"!
  2. Their taxi fares are almost as cheap as Manila’s jeepney fares, so it would be more “convenient” to travel via taxi ride – relatively cheap and you’ll get to have tons of stories from your cab drivers
  3. Swinging by the People’s Park will give you a glimpse of Davao’s very own “Sunken Garden”. It’s smaller and cleaner, with lots of soccer kids and hungry mosquitoes.
  4. They offer entertaining and detailed palm reading schemes just right in front of their local churches – talk about faith and future! :)
  5. National Library on wheels: Davao’s very own BOOK MOBILE: a moving bus type vehicle, Davao’s city library and information center
  6. They don’t have the internationally famous coffee houses yet, but Davao has its own version: BLURGE Coffee – comparable taste!
  7. A must try: BARBEQUE BOSS. They have the cheapest and most delicious barbeques around.
  8. Tribu K’ Mindanawan is a MUST visit cultural village. Their performance and story telling of Davao’s rich history is truly world class
  9. If you’re a fan of overlooking views, Davao certainly can offer you one memorable city-lights panorama. Go to Jack's Ridge.
  10. Davao is SAFE. Contrary to hearsays about Mindanao cities versus safety, Davao is actually a tourist friendly city. Hi, Davao!
Jampacked days full of (mis)adventures, tactics, and legendary laughs, Davao will always be that much admired PH city and now we have more than Durian and Mindanao facts to back up our admiration.

We'll come back for you, Davao.


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