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I still do not see myself as a bona fide traveler for the simplest reason that I haven’t traveled and seen my homeland (PH) that much. For me, to become a certified traveler, one mandatory certificate is that you have at least wandered and experienced the real bits of heaven that your homeland offers. And well... I think I just merited myself one certificate, thanks to Palawan. One down, several more to go.

Coron is one perfect piece of paradise. From the moment you enter the aerial vicinity of Palawan, everything is flawlessly painted with blue, green, and everything clean. The road to Coron proper is also a pleasant travel to experience as it gives way to the safari-like-slash-county-themed atmosphere of the place. There are cows, mountains, and beautiful wild flowers! hahahaha And, let us not forget the people: the unsung heroes of this quaint paradise, eager to introduce all that is Coron. These are the very people (read: humble, honest, hospitable) who are more than willing to share their tales of happiness on this picturesque province.

Of course, the highlight: the islands. PICTURE PERFECT - that factual. White powdery sands, unblemished blue skies, accurate sapphire waters, and unashamed rich waterscape --- no need for elaborate words to embellish its beauty. The place really speaks for itself --- awe-inspiring at its finest.

My secret travel troop and I had the BEST beach experience at Coron. Our imperfect group and our gluttonous quest for spontaneity, laughable happiness, and priceless moments, complimented well with the picture perfect setting. And I guess with all our unforgettable events we had at this province, I’d have to say we merited more than just a traveling validation (more than the value of being a bona fide traveler); thanks to Coron, we really earned real bits of heaven. 

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