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Thursday, June 02, 2011 3 Comments

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You Should Travel Because Of? The Whys.

Earlier I mentioned that I’ll try to be diligent with my writing and photography on randoms, wanders, and with a bit of luck, some humor and depth in between. I’ve been contemplating about a lot of arbitrary things lately, just to keep me sane. 

And then I thought of an Einstein idea – why not make a light random review about it. Maybe it will be useful someday, when all things become dull and automatic. Okay, would have to admit that wasn’t really a new idea. It wasn’t all Einstein, not even close to a “brilliant” idea. Well, I grew up as a fan of the Daily Ten, and with some imitation-form-of-flattery idea, I think I can spell out my random five from time to time. :-)

Okay, let’s go. Let’s face it, everyday is a travel in itself. But, most of us don’t even classify it as that, because it’s something ordinary and we do it every day. Traveling for me is both the common (i.e. day-to-day, weekend road trips, city tour with friends  = translation mall hopping LOL) and the uncommon (i.e.  out of towns, trips abroad). 

For most people, the common ones are enough to satisfy their travel experience. But, since there are two sides, there should be a balance of both in order for us to fully understand it; we will not be able to understand traveling completely if we only know and experience half of it.

I got bitten by the travel bug and it took me a lot of traveling experience through the uncommon ones, to understand the whys and hows of traveling. I understand now that traveling, through having a balanced experience of the commons and uncommons, is a lifestyle to the people who want to experience life to the fullest.

Need to experience the uncommon ones because? 

5. The biggest picture and the smallest details. 
Of course, a no brainer; traveling makes you fancy all things scenic. You don’t have to be an expert in photography or an A student in Arts class to get this. Traveling, if you are mindful of it, really gives you an eye for art and a desire for creativeness. I mean, you get to see given beauty in all its form – from the most beautiful mountain range to the most adventurous sea bed. You get to understand the hidden value of landscapes and waterscapes, and how these scenes seamlessly compliment with the man-made wonders of each place you visit. You become an admirer of sceneries.

4. The things you discover. 
Because by default, every new travel ticket guarantees you an “exploration” pass. It’s quite certain that you will unearth new things about the people you are with and about the places you are in. Whether you like it or not, you’ll find out something relatively new about the person you’re with, which you will get to appreciate and accept; maybe it’s about the person’s native talent for snoring like hell, or about the person’s dramatic morning ritual – for sure, there’ll be something new for you. Even more so in the places you are in; your reflexes will tell you to go and discover.

3. The people you meet. 
This holds true even to the most bashful of people. Traveling will give you a chance to meet new people. It’s pretty cooler than Facebook because you meet people even if you don’t have any mutual friends – it’s as real time as it can get. Though this may vary to several degrees, of course, people are always fond of tourists and this gives us travelers the privilege to “mingle”; may it be as simple as a.) smiling back at other tourists you meet along the way, b.) asking for directions where to next, c.) giving up your train seat to that old lady in front of you, d.) giving some small talk to the cab driver who’s eager to know where you’re from. Through traveling, you’re just one honest good talk away from having a new friend.

2. The priceless memories. 
Let us tell the truthpricey travel expenses are no match for the priceless moments you get to treasure through traveling. That’s as far as they can get = expensive, because they know they cannot put an exact price tag on great experiences and priceless memories. Some of the best experiences of my life are lavishly built on traveling and living those moments (i.e. travel hassles, laughs, and highlights). I still find myself, from time to time, smiling, thanking, and re-living the feelings of those experiences. I know, I know. This is something relative, but with some imagination and appreciation, realizing a priceless moment from traveling experiences is so worth it .

1. The sense it gives you. 
These other four points above wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for this number 1 point. No matter how grand or small your traveling experience is about, ultimately, it will always always always talk some sense into you. It will help you heighten your sense of adventure, wonder, purpose; maybe even trigger sense of humility because of the knowledge you discovered, or maybe even some sense of relationship values because of the people you are with. There’s always a different sense to comprehend and a different story to tell.

With all these stories, sides, and senses to experience through this addictive lifestyle that is traveling, who wouldn’t want to get a glimpse (or maybe even see the full show) of this light? Happy traveling!

Bowdy is an amateur adventurer, a coffee sleepyhead, and a start-up rooter, with a penchant for classic-looking photos. At last count, he has visited some 60 countries, and is now living in Singapore. He's always in search of fascinating routines to exploit, within the edges of after-office hours and (un)limited holidays.

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