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Work With Me?

Because of the fact that I still have my day job, I find it rather cool and pleasant to collaborate on a different craze through this online space. Be it consulting or content creation, digital storytelling, phenomenal photography, or even interview write-ups, there’s always something to collaborate about and to learn from.

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I mostly work with anything travel, coffee, or start-up related partners to help them achieve their goals – they leverage my easily fresh perspective and raw expertise on their products, services, or to touch base with their niche audience of who are passionate about the unique experiences and amazing products that these brands and partners have to offer.

From learning how to play a guitar from a local band vocal lead, getting published in Yahoo, teaming up with startup travel teams, to having a coffee session with a coffee shop owner, there are more than a handful of unique collaborative experiences that I am willing to wander off to, so thank you for your consideration and I look forward to collaborating with you more.

Do you want to work with a unique millennially-yuppie travel blogger / freelance writer who has that authentic Asian perspective, and has that exposure and inspiration from the perennial travelers of the world? You’ve come to the right place.

Starting this blog as a petty dare, bowdywanders.com published a few years. 400+ engaging articles later, This progressively developing unique style of travel writing is still on its way to engaging new heights.

Here are some ways we can work together:

Start-up Campaigns
Sponsored/ Guest Posts
Social Media Promotions
Product/ Site reviews
Press trips
Interview write-ups
Freelance writing
Coffee/ Café Invites
Brand Partnerships

For more information on my reach, demographics and what I can bring to a project, get in touch with me at bowdywnaders@gmail.com – let’s collaborate. If you are a traveler or someone who likes traveling, let’s have a chat! Yes, contact me if you perhaps want to know me better, or have some feedback for this one-man-show blog and its content? Or maybe you just have some tips or thoughts about traveling to share, or even just a friend who plans to explore Singapore, Philippines, or any city. You are most welcome here! :-)

Collaborations around the World
Travel On Spot – Generator Hostel

Collaborations within Singapore


Perhaps my day job as your next Mark Zuckerberg is inclining me to be fond of receiving emails from readers? Oh yes, highly unlikely on the Mark Z part, but I kid you not about the receiving emails part! :-) But yes, can I just say that I appreciate the effort it takes to get connected, much more, if it means getting emails from like-minded people like you, just to say hi, hello, what’s up! Do feel free to drop me an email at bowdywanders@gmail.com

If you are somewhat new here, I recommend you go through this random list of stuff to smartly waste your surplus time with – it just might be worth your while. From my initial sporadic and simplistic blog posts back in the day, when I was still living in Manila… to now – posts that are sometimes personal, informative, feasibly inspiring, most likely amusing photo-heavy travel anecdotes and reviews, there’s something here for you for sure!

Or yes, maybe you have advertising, collaboration, or partnership ideas out there – be it a review of your site, product, service, start-up team, niche brand, or anything new, interesting, cool and downright rousing (be it travel related, caffeinated thumbs up, or anything you believe is worth sharing) - I am happy to get to create collaboration stints of all shapes, sizes, and styles, so please send me an email about that also. You’d be surprised to know how much I say yes to so much unassuming yet cleverly cool projects with smart-ass folks from all over the hemisphere. Find some of them here.

Okay, and lastly, did I mention that I don’t mind hanging out with you? Coffee next time – yes, but for now, you can also follow me as I abundantly flood you with photos in Twitter, or Instagram feeds with (sometimes) regular and healthy dose of coffee and culture cravings – do subscribe here if you’d like.

But wait, there’s more! Before you go - thanks for stopping by hereYou are a superb human being for finding time from your busy schedule to reach this space, roam around this place, and get riveted by the inkling of travels! Hope there’s something you find here that will be enable you to get what you are ogling for. Cheers :)