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Hey hi hello world, how’s everything going?

Finding a beautiful place to get lost - Bled, Slovenia
Bowdy here. 

Nice of you to drop by! 

Sit back. 


Have a cup of cappuccino (or chardonnay, why not)?

Looking back at history - Beijing, China

I’m the guy behind this blog: your next door in-progress world traveler, would-be Singaporean native, and sporadic Filipino nomad. 

Watching the future unfold - Yokohama, Japan

With more than 50 countries, 100 or so cities, 300 plus plane-train rides, 500 extra times of travel planning, and an unlimited extent of wandering around, I share all the goods to you online.

Traveling back in time to the City of Beauty - Patan, Nepal

I write about personal experiences of makeshift adventures, through coffee cups and culture cravings, out of life’s everyday routines, so that you can enjoy reading about light and hearty escapades wherever you are.

Standing on the 1300s iron lines - Paro, Bhutan

This blog is a brainchild of an after-office dare.

Fresh out of university and believing that the world was my oyster, I devoured my office pal’s dare, who fed me with this online eureka idea! Being bitten by the travel bug (as big as an elephant?) at a very young age, this became my “what the heck why not” turning point… but, being born without any silver spoon, and living in a dangerously beautiful third world archipelago, this special online space turned into a muse and a mission: to experience the rest of the multi-colored world.

Experiencing a beautiful virgin island - Alaminos, Pangasinan

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Along a busy local newspaper shop on my way to school 10 years ago, this 1940s adage from the beautiful Hellen Keller has stuck with me in ways I could not have foreseen as believable! This blindingly bold maxim propelled me to find and fall in love with this balanced world of expat work and travel non-work life cycle… and in the very process of doing so – to gradually build bowdywanders.com with this mantra in mind.

Finding (multi) cultural balance - Paris, France

Every bit of place, face, and experience discovered here seemed to be subsequent dares from life itself! From having a temporary stint as a perennial traveler (budget, budget, save, save, repeat) to living in a completely new multi-cultured metropolis - I have my lion’s share of spotlight stories. Between work and life, finding chances to…

Chasing firsts and forevers - Tromso, Norway

> experience travel tales firsthand, like the northern lights, perfect rainbows, and sacred grounds;
> eat authentic unpronounceable delicacies and unlikely cuisines;
> see opulent and diverse landscapes that constantly leave me dumbstruck;
> meet local people from all walks of life - coffee shop inspirers, start-up geniuses, and rock star individuals;
> do time-honored traditions and meaningful cultural customs from every elsewhere

Traveling indeed leaves you speechless - Tallinn, Estonia

I am pumped to share about my ferocious favorites and my version of unadulterated good stuffs, which, hopefully move you into experiencing your life’s bucket lists.

In some distant parallel dimension, or intergalactic universe… you and I could be a National Geographic Channel professional traveler, or a Lonely Planet Archaeologist, or a TripAdvisor skilled vagabond (or maybe just a joe who has no idea that traveling even exists, who knows?!) Be that as it may, allow me to use this time and universe as a creative outlet to post and photograph highlights and insights (with reckless abandon) on this reasonable indulgence called traveling. 

I have faith that you’ll love the storytelling, especially the endlessly evolving photo edits and photo dumpsEnjoy your time here. I hope to help you find what you are looking for. More importantly, know that life is indeed either a daring adventure or nothing. I hope to help engage you to risk and live a life of adventure, and settle for nothing less than extraordinary. Cheers! :-) 

Grabbing this very first photo as a young expat - Clarke Quay, Singapore


Perhaps my day job as your next Mark Zuckerberg is inclining me to be fond of receiving emails from readers? Oh yes, highly unlikely on the Mark Z part, but I kid you not about the receiving emails part! :-) But yes, can I just say that I appreciate the effort it takes to get connected, much more, if it means getting emails from like-minded people like you, just to say hi, hello, what’s up! Do feel free to drop me an email at bowdywanders@gmail.com

If you are somewhat new here, I recommend you go through this random list of stuff to smartly waste your surplus time with – it just might be worth your while. From my initial sporadic and simplistic blog posts back in the day, when I was still living in Manila… to now – posts that are sometimes personal, informative, feasibly inspiring, most likely amusing photo-heavy travel anecdotes and reviews, there’s something here for you for sure!

Or yes, maybe you have advertising, collaboration, or partnership ideas out there – be it a review of your site, product, service, start-up team, niche brand, or anything new, interesting, cool and downright rousing (be it travel related, caffeinated thumbs up, or anything you believe is worth sharing) - I am happy to get to create collaboration stints of all shapes, sizes, and styles, so please send me an email about that also. You’d be surprised to know how much I say yes to so much unassuming yet cleverly cool projects with smart-ass folks from all over the hemisphere. Find some of them here.

Okay, and lastly, did I mention that I don’t mind hanging out with you? Coffee next time – yes, but for now, you can also follow me as I abundantly flood you with photos in Twitter, or Instagram feeds with (sometimes) regular and healthy dose of coffee and culture cravings – do subscribe here if you’d like.

But wait, there’s more! Before you go - thanks for stopping by hereYou are a superb human being for finding time from your busy schedule to reach this space, roam around this place, and get riveted by the inkling of travels! Hope there’s something you find here that will be enable you to get what you are ogling for. Cheers :)

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