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A Cumulative Café List to Help Rediscover Your Coffee Appreciation

I was 21 years old, when I noticed my brewing lifelong love affair with coffee. The mermaid-logoed, auburn-colored, pint-sized, smooth-finished go to drink settled its Iced Caramel Macchiato rapport with me, back when I was a neophyte wage earner. During those initial years of trying learning the ways of the world, I unearthed this habit of sitting 1:1 with my manager-turned-friend in this unassuming Starbucks café corner, beside this floor to ceiling glass window, and observe the overexcited city of Manila unfold right before us. As I neatly exchanged ideas about work dreams and non-work daydreams over cups of coffee, my fervor for the caffeine taste became deeply rooted. Ahhh, good memories.

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From learning how to brew, trying out latte art, sipping hot coffee by the beach, discovering unconventional types of coffee fixes, tasting the best coffee in the universe ---- to meeting cool coffee shop owners, and spending quality time in life changing coffee places, just when I think that I have brewed it all, there comes another coffee shop that would give me another kind of caffeinated kick of inspiration. Coffee continues to allow me to have that sense of gratitude and wonder towards the world.

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To coffee hop, at your own pace, is an idea that’s neither unconventional nor unheard of, I am sure of that, right? It’s spending a large portion of your day somewhere in a coffee shop, or visiting as many coffee places as possible. It’s a to-do activity if you’d like to get your juices heightened up, and discover a different side of culture - from a place where ideas, conversations, and communities get hitched altogether! We are all for that sense of taste, aroma, and double shot approval.

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Be it beans, bagels, donuts, espressos, cups, au laits, mugs, hipster furnitures, alternative spaces, cool decors, and unlimited WIFIs; or whether it’s in the crazy streets of Bangkok, or the chaotic avenues of Manila, Amsterdam, Singapore, Paris, or any place near you, the cafe-coffee scene has transformed into one of the best, most favorite, and top things to do, which both locals and expats prefer to spend their time on.

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So yes, this is not a definitive expert guide of some sort, and certainly this list is just the best of the best only in my book. I have mustered the courage to visit more than 100+ coffee shops, and drank more than 1000+ cups of mochas, americanos, cappuccinos, and frappes. These are my coffee favored places which hopefully you can try and experience for yourself. Look for your favorite drink, and special spot - who knows, you just might get that climactic caffeine celebration.

And yes, let me know if you need your café to be reviewed, or if you need a coffee buddy. :-)



Austria Bäckerei Ströck
Austria Cafe Katzung
Austria The Café Sperl
Czech Republic – Metro Cafe
Hungary – Cafe Piaf
Hungary – Lanchid Sorozo
India – Cafe Coffee Day
India – Caffecino
Italy – Jetlag 64 Café
Italy – Popolo Caffe
Japan – Gundam Café
Malaysia – Coffea Coffee
Malaysia – Coffee Stain by Joseph
Malaysia – Eight Ounce Coffee Co.
Malaysia – Jeneris by Ahren Cafe
Malaysia – Lucy in the Sky
Nepal – Le Café Nyatapola
Netherlands – The Café Chocolat
Philippines – Cafe Bene
Philippines – Cafe Maxims
Philippines – Craft Coffee Revolution
Philippines – Eggs For Breakfast Cafe
Philippines – Forget Me Not Cafe
Philippines – Luna Cafe
Philippines – Mochicream Cafe
Philippines – Qizia Cafe
Philippines – The Cookie Mug
Philippines – The Subspace Coffee House
Philippines – Third Cup Café
Philippines – Uke Box Cafe
Philippines – Wicked By Cravings
Philippines – Wildflower Cafe and Bakery
Philippines – Yardstick
Philippines – Yellow Lantern Cafe
Philippines – Kuppa Roastery and Café
Philippines – Third District
Poland – Cafe Trakt
Poland – Kawiarnia Cava
Slovakia Café Cup & Cino
South Korea – Cafe Pascucci
South Korea – Cafe Vergnano 1882
South Korea – CNN Cafe
South Korea – Coffee DooRoo
Switzerland – Kleiner Café
Switzerland – Starbucks Zürich
Thailand A Journey Cafe
Thailand Star Back Café
Thailand Think Café
Vietnam – Mr. 8 Coffee
Vietnam – Star Cafe
Vietnam – The Coffee House
Vietnam – True Nguyen Legend


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