14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia - Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen

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bowdywanderscom Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo 14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia - Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen
14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia 
Bored in the house, I’ve read one time about Asians being the pickiest of eaters. Agree to disagree? Well, while I started to reminisce my time when I moved to Singapore and couldn’t really balance out my wanting to try Indian food and my mad preference for Chinese food, I tend to agree that yes, there are times when Asians (i.e. speaking through experience, me.) can be picky eaters too! But then again… if you want to cure your picky eating habits? Go to China! :-)

bowdywanderscom Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo 14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia - Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen

Kidding aside, depending on the culture, Asian people actually love to eat. EVERYTHING. Especially since Asians also love to cook, and in totally, absolutely, unbelievably delicious ways. Now, if you throw Asians in countries that are too multi-cultural for their taste – with lots of western, eastern, central, and out of this world type of food fares – how do you think will Asians cope up with the food choices?

bowdywanderscom Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo 14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia - Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen

Here it goes then, a good test to see which we will go for: as British Columbia is quite a melting pot(s) of so much food, it’s nice (and yummy) to know that there are a lot of food places that we can actually like. By we, I mean me and my Asian friends, and those living in British Columbia who are Asians too! Be sure to check them out:

bowdywanderscom Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo 14 Asian-Approved Food Places in British Columbia - Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen

A&W – Home of the Burger Family

It might be customary to start with an introduction of A&W’s best burgers or coney dogs, but the fangirl in me feels like that doesn’t do justice to the iconic Root Beer Float ($3.50). From the frosted ice-cold mug to the familiar taste of creamy vanilla ice-cream and gassy non-alcoholic draft beer, everything was as I remembered. This drink of nostalgia gets a 10/10 must-order rating from me. Read more at: https://eatbook.sg/aw-restaurants-jewel/

Rice & Noodle Fresh Asian Kitchen
Address: 2857 West Broadway, Vancouver

On the menu at Rice and Noodle are fast-food style, MSG-free Asian dishes at affordable prices.  You’ll find Thai staples like pad thai, green curry, red curry and tom yum soup; Japanese noodle dishes like yakiudon; Chinese dishes like chowmein and kung pao chicken; and Chinese-Malaysian fusion noodle soup bowls like laksa.  Some of their dishes are noted to be gluten-free.  Their current menu has 13 dishes available priced around $10-$11.  They also have family combos to feed 3, 4 or 5 people as well as a small selection of sides (like spring rolls, gyoza and more). Read more at: https://foodgressing.com/newly-opened-rice-and-noodle-robson-vancouver/

Triple O’s
Address: 1881 Cornwall V6J 1C6

The Triple O mobile offers a full lineup of Legendary Burgers, Double Doubles (two quarter-pound patties with two slices of cheese and bacon), fries and milkshakes made with real ice cream.  It’s also serving as a kind of mobile research-and-development lab where diners will be able to try out new, experimental dishes like the mysterious Nacho Burger. Read more at: https://www.insidevancouver.ca/tag/triple-os-on-the-go/

Wah Lai Yuen Bakery + Restaurant
Address: 560 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC V8W 1R4, Canada

Victoria‘s Chinatown is a testament to the resiliency of the culture and traditions brought to Canada by Chinese immigrants more than 150 years ago. These days, Chinatown proudly stands out in the downtown landscape of BC’s capital. As one gets closer to the Gate of Harmonious Interest, the ornately decorated arch marking the entrance to Chinatown’s centre on Fisgard Street, the neighbourhood’s presence is revealed: bold colours of lucky red and gold, distinct architecture, and business names written in Chinese on shop windows. Read more at: https://www.hellobc.com/stories/exploring-victorias-chinatown/

Five Guys
Address: 635 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3, Canada

This was the chosen location for my blind date with fellow food blogger, “Miss Vancouver Piggy”, though she does not really consider herself one. (Prove her wrong by checking out her blog at missvancouverpiggy.blogspot.ca). We decided to meet and review a restaurant together after connecting and sharing food related interests over social media. She had the pressure of choosing the place and I got to go along for the ride. Read more at: http://vieamaggi.com/five-guys-burgers-fries/

Fat Burgers
Address: 1067 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M4, Canada

Different Locations around the city, great burgers, Friendly staff. The best description for Fatburger is AMAZING! Juicy and tender food and the best Yam Fries make this place one of the best in town! Read more at: https://www.ecenglish.com/en/social/blog/vancouver/2017/07/21/best-burgers-vancouver

Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant
Address: 8500 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3L4, Canada

Matsuyama in Richmond has some great late night specials after 9pm. After hearing so much about this place from Wongers, I had to join her, Mini604, GoMunch and Lensflaaare for some late night nom noms. The place was packed at night, but I guess everyone was there for the late night menu. Also note that parking here is so bad too. You gotta stalk for a parking space.  Read more at: http://foodology.ca/matsuyama-late-night-specials-after-9/

Mango Yummy
Address: 8271 Westminster Hwy Unit 1, Richmond, BC V6X 1A7, Canada

Mango Yummy is a Chinese dessert shop in Richmond across the Richmond Center Mall. Known for their mango and durian desserts. There are long queues but you'll get your order pretty quickly. Most customers get their desserts to go as seating is usually full and seating is first come first serve.Since you seat yourself, don't be surprised if you grab a table and have to clean it yourself as staff is usually too busy making desserts or taking orders at the cash. The service is like a typical Asian restaurant.  Read more at: https://www.eatwithmao.com/blog/2017/2/16/mango-yummy

Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna
Address: 1124 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N1, Canada

Did you know that Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna is now opened on Robson Street? Stepho’s second location is across from Forage on 1359 Robson Street. Now you can line up at either Stepho’s on 1124 Davie Street in the West End or on Robson. As the summer came and the day grew longer, I often lined up on Davie waiting for Stepho’s. Sometimes line ups were painfully long over an hour. But you can probably attest that it was worth it. The portions are generous. The food is tasty. And it is good value. Stepho’s on Robson mirrors much of the restaurant on Davie – Mediterranean blue, clean white palette and Greek themed d├ęcor. The whole atmosphere is nostalgic. Same great food. Same great people. We chatted with Theo Falias, Stepho’s Manager over Ouzo* and Sour Apple Martinis. Read more at: http://www.nomss.com/stephos-souvlaki-greek-taverna-vancouver-robson/

Address: 530 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7, Canada

As a tradition, I always look for something unique to eat when I’m abroad. I want to experience something I can only find at that location. This time around, it was Japadog. If you’re an adventures eater like me, this might be the place for you. The rest of you might think it’s disgusting. Japadog is a Japanese hot dog fusion restaurant. They specialize in hot dogs. Although they’re opening Japadogs all over the place now. I first tried it in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Read more at: https://designinglife.biz/japadog-vancouver/

Ignite Pizzeria Express
Address: 508 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G8, Canada

The pizza here seems to be Neapolitan inspired, featuring thin and leopard-spotting crust, but larger. So it makes more sense for the pie to be sold by the slice. I tried a piece of the Soppressata, and the Tuscany style salami tasted fantastic along with ham. Read more at: https://www.pickydiners.com/www/ignite-pizzeria-serves-artisinal-pizza-slices/

Thai Express
Address: 701 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5, Canada

Rushing to get some chores done, I realized I didn’t have lunch yet. Since I was trying to catch my train, I was passing through the food court and decided to grab something quick. I actually like Pacific Centre’s food court because it seems to be just the right size and the right variety. Today I decided to have some pad thai from Thai Express. I’ve had their pad thai before and I actually like it here. The last time I had it I made the mistake of ordering spicy which turned out to be too spicy for me to enjoy. Read more at: https://gastrofork.ca/2012/thai-express-pacific-centre/

Tim Hortons
Address: 756 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1B6, Canada

Tim Hortons has brought back the limited time only poutine on the menu. I’m assuming they brought it back because of Canada Day. The last time it was offered was June 2018 and it received quite a bunch of mixed reviews from customers. As I missed it last year, I made sure to give it a taste for myself. Read more at: http://foodology.ca/tim-hortons-poutine-review/

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine – The Famous One
Address: 520 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7, Canada

Both the shrimp and grilled lemon grass chicken salad rolls had a good crunch to them.  They also had vermicelli, lettuce and a side of peanut sauce.  The rice paper wrapper held the ingredients tightly together.  The shrimp used were decently sized and the grilled lemon grass chicken was nicely warm. Read more at: https://foodgressing.com/viet-sub-vancouver-robson-west-end/

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