Why The Pearl-Qatar Should Be Your Next (Artificial) Precious Place Island

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Why The Pearl-Qatar Should Be Your Next (Artificial) Precious Island 
If we need to identify the ultimate mother of pearl of the rest of the pearls in Doha, it is mostly likely The Pearl Qatar. It’s like a mandatory accessory laid out on Qatar’s land body. In the middle of all the sun and sand, as can be seen in this place, it serves as a shopping and recreation oasis of Doha. My face was aquiver with amusement, when I saw that we were about to approach this side of the Island. It was grand and luxurious!

The Pearl-Qatar is like the Sentosa Island of Singapore but way bigger. It is an artificial island in Doha that spans nearly four million square meters. With more than 12,000 residents and counting, it is the very first land in Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals. Yes, for sure there would be rules on how to own these, but it’s a nice wishful thinking to own a place here! It looks complete and accessible to everything.

Interesting enough, the name "The Pearl" was chosen to be the name of this massive space, because the island is in fact being built on one of Qatar's previous major pearl diving sites! Cool, right? And once everything has been completed, The Pearl will resemble a string of pearls. Now that is precious indeed --- even Gollum would be excited to call it his precious!

From residential development, like the Porto Arabia Towers, Viva Bahriya Towers, Giardino Village, Floresta Gardens, and Qanat Quartier to name a few, down to Commercial attractions, restaurants, cafes, retail shops, car showrooms, real estate sites, and others, there are so many things to do and explore here. Among all these, I think the car showroom is dope, but so is the really nice panoramic view of the boats and yachts displayed nearby.

Exploring the area, you’ll clearly see how each community area is inspired by different Middle Eastern, European, and Asian architectures and flavors. It’s undeniably brilliant. There are piazzas, food markets, wellness centers, and of course, the nicest of all is the shopping, dining, and café-ing around inside the mall.

So many varieties to choose from, from men and women fashion, jewelry, perfumes, furniture and home decorations, travel and leisure; and let us not forget – the Qatari’s love for cars. Multi-million expensive cars are everywhere.

If traditional souqs are not your thing, then hanging around and doing a spending spree here is probably the best idea for you. Not only is it a colossal space full of spending choices, there’s also room for authentic yet modern Middle Eastern rest and recreation areas that you can try out. This is one massive pearl you would want to call your precious thing.

A shout out to the locals of Doha - so, if I may ask – what is your most favorite place in this side of Doha? Any nice hidden favorites worth mentioning and going to here in The Pearl?

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