Katara Cultural Village: This Go To Favorite Amphitheater in Doha, Qatar

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Katara Cultural Village: This Go To Favorite Amphitheater in Doha, Qatar 
So recently, I have been hooked by one of BBC’s tv series called Atlantis. Imagine going home from long and winding workday full of multi-lingual team members, only to take pleasure in watching a British fantasy-adventure television program. Yes, and it’s primarily because of the humor and action it brings. One episode I was watching the other day prompted me to remember this Amphitheater in Doha, Qatar.

It’s always much fascinating to see amphitheaters rather than spell them correctly! Lol. But essentially, seeing an oval or circular building, with these rising tiers of long and wide seats, ranged about an open space is outright cool. They used it in ancient Rome, and in Atlantis’ case, in one of their episodes, most especially for contests and spectacles.

One of the highlights of the Katara Cultural Village is this white-wash style, cleaned-by-the-sunlight marble and this massive area. Picture a Greek-inspired and Islamic infused amphitheater. Gorgeous on its own, it’s actually overlooking a sea view.

Created by legendary Vangelis, this 5,000 seater place once featured world-renowned stars like Angela Gheorghiou, Roberto Alagna and Jeremy Iron. So yes, this place is quite famous in its own right, and of course walking around it makes you feel like you are the winner of your imaginary Atlantis contest!

While I recommend staying here for a just a few minutes, since there are a lot of other areas within the Katara Cultural Village that are noteworthy, I widely believe it is nice to see this place and take photos of it; especially the view in front or at the back of the sea – it’ll guarantee a new panoramic view of this natural looking contemporary amphitheater.

On a separate note, I hope you won’t get discouraged to visit Doha, given that there are so many recent events that are happening in the Middle East. News is news yes, but I want to imprint the hospitality and goodness that the Qatari people shared during my visit, so exploring this place should be considered good news.

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