Katara Cultural Village: Discover Indoi Through This Art Gallery in Doha

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Katara Cultural Village: Discover Indoi in this Art Gallery in Doha
If you have not really had the chance to contemplate about the question: what is the main purpose of museums, art shows, and galleries? – perhaps, you should see something like the one in the Katara Cultural Village. It is this seemingly simplistic, but profoundly powerful display of artistic importance from local Qatari artists.

There was a time when people used to get excited to go and visit museums, galleries, cinemas, cultural centers, cultural institutes, and all, but it rapidly diminished, because let’s face it, it’s easier to stalk everything and anything with the help of the god of gods – Google. Easy, convenient, super fast! But then again, it’s different if you experience a work of art when you are in these places. Take for instance, this one in Doha, Qatar.

It has a picturesque location, with a lot of exploring, and it’s certainly away from the hustle of the city. Of course, the thing that’s worth highlighting is their awesome amphitheater; and of course – this art gallery.

Though not packed with much frames and photos, every corner, whether blue, red, gray, is packed with thought-provoking photos of this impressive Qatari photo experience. Every face, every eye, every snapshot is powerful and poignant, you’ll certainly have a hard time getting away from staring at it.

Nope, it’s definitely nothing like Louvre, or any of that much talked about museums and galleries elsewhere. But that does not mean it’s empty of excellence. The great expressions and ways each photo was taken shows how much life, culture, and art  in Qatar.

Okay, yes – you are right too – the photos here are all on Indoi Exhibition. Indois is the ancient Greek name of India. After visiting cities and regions across Kerala and Rajasthan, the photo gallery shows of traditional markets, simple life, and nature, schools, and ways of life from the eyes of a Qatari photographer.

Do spare a few hours of your time immersing yourself in this room full of Indoi inspiration. Are you a fan of musuems? When was the last time you visited? Any Middle Eastern museum recommendations?

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