Interview with Dennies John: Insights about the Coffee-Tea Culture, whether in Kerala or the rest of India

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Interview with Dennies John ( from Kerala, South of India 
Ever since I officially entered corporate marathon, I got fascinated by the addicting hobby that is coffee drinking. Do not get me wrong though, I am (still) not at the level where I need seventy five cups of coffee! Or perhaps even at the kind where I become the opposite of nice if I don’t drink one. #monster But yes, it’s my elixir of life, bring out energy and some more good stuff.

So imagine my astonishment, when I found out another equally addicted bloke, all the way from the South of India. I have alot of Indian friends at work and they tell me all these nice stories about the South of India - from people down to culture in itself. The country full of awesome coffee choices. Yes, indeed. Dennies is a coffee blogger and a coffee enthusiast, and I truly appreciate how caffenaitedly cool his site is. You have to check it out as well!

Gotten a change to pick his brain out with some delightful insights about his passion for coffee, life in India, and why you should try the Filter Kaapi and Masala Chai.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from?

Dennies: I was born and raised in Kerala, a beautiful state located to the South of India. I still live there with my parents in my childhood home.

I’d like to describe myself as a pretty laid-back kind of guy who loves music and good food. My future career was all about being a mechanical engineer. In high school, I strived hard to grab good grades and get into a great university like the IITs, which is a prestigious institute in India.

However, I hadn’t tried hard enough, so I ended up in a normal college. But in there I got wind of SEO and Internet Marketing through friends who were experts in this field. They gave me the inspiration to learn those techniques.

I then graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2012 and took over my family business. But it was when I went to US for 3 months did my life take an unexpected turn.

I was visiting my cousins in the US and was drawn to the US coffee culture. Eventually I started experimenting coffee brewing methods on my own. I used many online sources like Youtube too, and learnt quite a lot about coffee brewers.

Then it was time for me to come back to India. I came back, and put my knowledge on SEO and Internet marketing to use by starting up a coffee blog called Dripped Coffee that focuses solely on a caffeinated audience.

What are the three things that people would be surprised to know about the city you are from, and why they should come visit?

Dennies: Here goes the top three facts that’ll take you by surprise:

1. Most People start their day with tea, not coffee. South Indian filter coffee is the most popular coffee beverage over here.

2. Even though people turn 18, they still live with their parents under one roof – unless of course something demands separate-living such as an outstation job.

3. People work really hard over here. They party and club less. They’d rather spend quality time with their families and save money for them.

Kerala is famed for its greenery. It has special backwaters such as Kumarakom and Allappuzha that tempt people to ride a boat. It also has unique dishes with heavenly tastes. Additionally, you can find a wide variety of spices and ayurvedic massages in Kerala. These massages are better than spas and can leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Hill stations like Idukki and Munnar are located in Kerala and they’re the ideal places to chill out and have a great time. Kerala is, in fact, a place kissed by Mother Nature that all nature-lovers should pay a visit to. For these reasons alone people have dubbed Kerala as the ‘’ God’s own country.’’

What is it like blogging about coffee in The Good, the Bad, The Funny


The Good

The learning curve has been excellent. I experiment with coffee and have discovered so many new things. I take great pleasure by sharing them with my readers.

I can settle my bills by doing something I really love.

I can work from anywhere too, and travel wherever and whenever I please.

My blog has turned out to be the best excuse to experiment new varieties of coffee.

I can connect with fellow coffee bloggers, product manufacturers, coffee roasters and lots of great people.

The Bad

Living in India comes at a cost as I may miss important occasions such as famous coffee conferences as well as AeroPress contests.

Lots of people have invited me to have coffee with them. They are mainly from the US. I miss such opportunities. However, I’ve plans to move to the US in another few years.

I hate things like dealing with Wordpress issues and server issues. They frustrate me and consume a lot of my time.

The Funny
My blog has turned me into a coffee addict. The first thing I inquire when I decide to leave home is whether they have a Breville with them. If they don’t, the first thing that goes into my bag is the Breville. Clothes come later.

Tell us your day job and typical day at work.

Dennies: I’m an early bird.

I start my day at 6 and fix a fresh cup of espresso from my Breville BES870XL which I bought from the US (I’m obviously quite addicted to its taste) and enjoy it for a good 10 minutes before everything else.

I will then stick to my daily workout routine for an hour. By 9, you’ll find me in the office of my family business. I’ll usually be greeted with a pile of work waiting for me – CAD drawings, calls, meetings and so on.

In between everything I still manage to reserve a few hours to run my coffee blog. It has turned into something like a hobby. So I go about doing things like researching facts related to coffee or SEO and internet marketing.

But I love working at my family business as well. There is no pressure involved. My work is very flexible.

Apart from your day job, do you have other passion projects you are currently involved in?

Dennies: I like taking up things one at a time so that my attention won’t be deviated. Dripped Coffee is the only project that I’m focusing on at the moment. I spend a good amount of time working to grow audience via SEO and marketing.

Once my blog thrives, I might direct my attention towards putting up an e-commerce store. I want it to focus on one particular niche with high quality products.

I’m also getting my hands into the stock and forex markets.

Any advice for people who would like to travel around your city and experience the local coffee there?

Dennies: The majority of people in Kerala may love tea instead of coffee. But a growing number of coffee drinkers, along with planters have made Kerala contribute more to coffee production than any other state.

Filter Kaapi (coffee) is one of the very popular beverages found in Kerala. It’s stronger than an average coffee and has a savory unlike anything you’ve come across.

Masala Chai is another beverage not worth missing. It’s a very special tea that beats all other teas with a unique brewing process and taste.

On top of everything you’ll find coffee shops in every corner of this beautiful State. They may not fix you coffee with fancier terms, but with so many traditional ingredients that are rarely found in other parts of the world. This alone attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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