Doha Souq: To Shop Some Spices, Souvenirs, and Surprises

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Doha's Souq Waqif
Let me tell you some quick facts before you read further. This is most certainly not a shopaholic’s guide to wandering around and buying good stuff at Doha’s labyrinthine souqs, known as the Souq Waqif; but, this is most likely the visual piece of online trail that you most want to see, instead of Google images – these are the photos of what you can see from this side of the shopping world.

Although admittedly, Qatar is the most happening place in the entire Middle East, everyone knows about that (especially with all the recent news?) So that fact alone should encourage you to visit this shopping side, when you get the chance to do some souvenir shopping in Doha, Qatar. Can you imagine my surprise when I explored this area of Doha, only to find out that it’s full of locally hip shop-worthy items you can bring back home---

Of course, if you happen to be looking for souvenirs that are relatively bargain-basement, then the Souq Waqif is the best that you will find. Window shopping is also a good idea, but of course, it’s better to not resist the urge to bring home some really cool stuff from the Souq Waqif.

This is probably the most interesting and the most reasonably priced area that you’ll find in the entire Doha. Of course, some could argue that it’s probably a “tourist trap”, but the quality of the merchandises, food finds, and trinkets here, they are worth the thumbs up.

Once you are done with the obvious admiration of the overall architecture and heritage here, perhaps you can also look for the indoor theater known as the Al Rayyan Theatre, or the Pet area that are in the Souq Waqif. These two spots are certainly crowd-friendly, especially the Pet area which sells domesticated pets like dogs, cats, birds, and even turtles.

Be sure to look around and pick the best traditional garments, handicrafts, spices, and your favorite souvenirs. There are lots to choose from, for sure.  Moreover, if you are quite lucky and well-timed, you may even see art galleries, events, local concerts, or festivals in this area.

To experience local life in Doha, this souq space is worth a visit. Strolling around these narrow alleys, you can enjoy the Middle Eastern style of happiness brought by these various local products, and perhaps even the joys of grabbing a bargain. After enjoying some of the hard-to-find-back-home good buys, be sure to choose your rest space via their restaurants, cafes, and al fresco spots. Time to experience this spectacle of Doha’s souq life!

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