Wildseed Cafe & Bar: Singapore's Aerospace Garden Hideaway

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Wildseed Cafe & Bar
I was yakking with some overworked folks here, and we accidentally agreed that knowing it’s already halfway through the year, Singapore life seems to be very fast. But, this does not prevent the all-year midsummer solstice to stop scorching every single day. It’s pretty hot and humid in Singapore, that’s for sure. Which is why, it’s always a welcome escape to visit a place like the Wildseed Cafe & Bar in Park Lane, Seletar.

Offering folks an exhilarating trail of nice upscale suburban style, full of wide space, garden and farming areas, and a balcony bar, this patisserie place is indeed magical. This place in Seletar is actually comprised of three things – The SummerHouse Dining Room and Balcony Bar, the Wildseed Cafe & Bar, and the Earth Market. Of course, the all-time crowd favorite is the Wildseed.

You’ll be happy to visit knowing that the 1-Group’s Pastry Chef, Jasmin Chew creates all their cool pastries and their partner coffee roaster is none other than the Nomad the Gallant. From Sea Salt Caramel Latte, Nutella Cafe Latte, Babycino, to Cold Brew Black Coffee, you cannot go wrong with their coffee selections. They even offer Tea, Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Means, and some Countryside Classics or Pasta to come with it.

Brunch food is a thing here too, but we are all for the Bar favorites – like their Signature Cocktails, such as the Lemongrass Coconut Margarita, and Pear Agave Sangria; or perhaps the Garden Martinis, such as the Kaya Martini, or the Lychee Thyme Martini. As for me, bottled beers, beers on tap, and exotic gins to keep the scorching summer troubles away.

If you want to whisk your way to some idyllic English countryside wild seed wonder, this should be your next place to visit, when in Singapore. It’s a bit far out of the city center, almost impossible to visit due to the rarity of public transportations coming and going to this place, it’s truly worth your weekend wandering. 

Address: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 am

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