Qatar Travel: Blazing thru the Middle East Pearl Capital – Doha - for the First Time

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First Time in Doha, Qatar 
FIFA World Cup is happening in Qatar this coming 2022, and if you are like me, who is the opposite of genius when it comes to sports, I am pleasantly surprised that I got the chance to visit the Doha, Qatar even before the world cup! Yes, my Middle East travel ambition has finally been realized, and unlike the typical Filipino who would go here for overseas work or expat stints, my visit to this Arabian peninsula is more of the unusual non-work related wanderings.

Stunning skylines and massive cultural landmarks, this amber-colored sand-finished texture of a city are powdered with confidence, style, and traditional souqs. I could not take away my eyes from every seemingly world class wonder that I saw in this city. Doha, the country’s capital and most populous city of the state of Qatar, is on fire!

Growing up watching Aladdin and hearing stories from relatives working in the Middle East, I kind of had the inclination that high expectations about a country like Qatar should not be set in stone. Admittedly, my prejudice overpowered my understanding of travel. But, being one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East, this city and country blew me away.

Selected as the host city of a number of sporting events, including the 2006 Asian Games, the 2011 Pan Arab Games and most of the games at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup, and 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha is also officially recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities.

Join me as we explore this smoking city full of lavish infrastructures, transportations, and cultures. Yes, visiting a city such as Doha should be an option, especially if it is your first time in the Middle East. What a beauty!

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