How to Revel in a Layover? Perhaps, Doha Will Do

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Layover in Doha, Qatar
After my unanticipated prisonbreak-like detainment in Dubai (another trip, another story, another time), my level of fear about our impending layover in Doha was at an all-time high. From Singapore to Doha, I could barely focus on the actual trip, much more enjoy the free flow of diet coke and wine during our trip via Qatar Airways. Who knew that layovers could be problematic?

Well, only if you want it to. Found out that the incident that happened in Dubai was indeed a one-off thing, and everything about Doha’s Hamad International Airport should not be a one-off experience indeed. Layovers in Doha, Qatar will definitely be enjoyed even with the airport experience alone. The fact is, the Hamad International Airport is part of the elite category as the 6th Airport in the World to Achieve 5 Star Status. For me, it’s like Singapore’s Changi Airport of the Middle East – yes, that extraordinary!

From shopping, dining, relaxing, and exploring, Doha’s Hamad International Airport is an absolute traveler’s dream come true. You won’t even realize you’re in the Middle East (surrounded by deserts and unimaginable heat) because the facilities, customer service, and people are truly world class.

Also, just like Singapore, the offer City Tours for folks having their layovers here. Thanks to Qatar Airways, the whole visa on arrival process down to the tour and going back to the airport was so cool, it was no sweat (see what I did there? Haha). However, choosing to stay inside the airport during the layover is an equally excellent choice too.

Their shops – from Duty Free to Gold, Watches, Jewelry, Travel Essentials, and all – to lounges – Oryx lounge, Al Mourjan Business lounge, Al Safwa lounge, Al Maha lounge, and even Special Assistance travel lounge – to interesting details like Vitality Wellbeing and Fitness Centre, Art Exhibitions, Quiet Rooms, and an Airport Hotel. Everything about the award-winning airport is fantastic.

I’ve spent a good six hours in total in this layover must experience, and I have to say, it was a wanted stay and I would not mind having another layover here to experience the rest of the airport. Great job, Doha!

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