Singapore’s Air Force Museum: Feel Free To Explore This With High Interest

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Singapore’s Air Force Museum

If you grew up wanting to be part of Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbour, or Top Gun, the Air Force Museum brings back all the kid-like memories you must have forgotten. Certainly, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) did a pretty phenomenal job in turning this museum. From its inception at Changi Air Base on 1 September 1988 to what it is now in the compound next to Paya Lebar Air Base, you’ll be (air)blown away by a number of original artefacts and interactive media found here. Not only are the engaging hands-on experiences fascinating, the aviation-related exhibits on display also are very educational, good for all ages.

With three levels, galleries and amenities are spread out strategically. Without any rigorous air force training, you can effortlessly peer into the cockpit of a vintage two-seater TA-4S Skyhawk plane, or perhaps see a genuine Rolls-Royce Avon MK-100 engine? 

Level One is all about the outdoor gallery of helicopters, missile systems, plane engines, and real planes. Don’t forget to find French-built Alouette III helicopter, which was one of eight which formed the RSAF’s first helicopter squadron in the 1960s. Pretty damn cool, I assure you.

Level Two is indoor and air-conditioned. All about galleries related to: Taking Flight, Scaling New Heights, Beyond Safeguarding Our Skies, Above All, and Air Force Insights. Too cool to see: RSAF uniforms from the past till the last they noted. Okay, the cooler one: the multimedia touchscreen where you can play around the aircrafts of RSAF. Okay okay, the coolest one: it’s for you to find out through these pictures here, yes?

Best to visit during the afternoon slowdown weekends, because it gives you that full visibility without the crowd. You’ll certainly appreciate how Singapore is so passionate about protecting and instiling safety and security for its homeland, and this level of patriotic passion is inspirational. Now, is it time to enroll in a crash course on helicopter driving? :)

Address: 400 Airport Road, Singapore 534234
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (Closed on Monday & Public Holidays)

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