ORTO Yishun: What You Need to Do When You Visit This Old Bottle Tree Park

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ORTO Yishun
Have you heard of Orto? Orto is a commune in the Corse-du-Sud department of France on the island of Corsica. But no, this is not what we shall be photo blogging about over here. It’s Orto in Lorong Chencharu Orto area, where restaurants, activities, events, and happenings abound. Orto Yishun is a secret sanctuary in Singapore that every (would-be) local should try at least once.

Singapore’s first 24 X 7 multi-recreational park the size of 7 football fields, Orto is found at the northern part of Singapore. Known before as the Bottle Tree Park, Orto offers lots of activities for families, friends, and lovers who would gladly enjoy an old kampong glam place. From fishing activities, to skating, a trampoline park, a karting arena, paintball and sports futsal, this place is good for some whole day bonding like company events, parties, and family “outings” within Singapore. It has a beautiful lake house, and a promenade event place, good for weddings too!

If you are like me, who purposefully ended up visiting this place one weekend dinner with the guys because of the ultra-cheap booze, this is the place to be. Okay, yes it has more than a few dining choices for every craving you might have – be it the Taste Garden, Mookata, Aroy Jing, Long Jiang Chinos, SGMY, and my personal preference – Quench! Bistro and Bar – you cannot go wrong with Orto.

Address: 81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198
Website http://orto.sg/

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