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January 2017 may seem so-near-yet-so-far, but it’s rather hard to fathom how this savvy start-up community, with barely a year in its operation, is now providing more than 80 extraordinary travel experiences from 10 South East Asian countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam). Yes, I am dashingly raving about and I am so very pleased to be collaborating with them at this point in their start-up rollercoaster ride. Start-up – check. Travel experience – check. ASEAN  represent – check.

A New Kind of Travel High in Southeast Asia

With more than 30 years of South East Asian travel industry, Maxther is a travel marketplace for ASEAN local experiences. The goal is inspiring and on point: to help locals maximize their resources and be connected globally for alternative opportunities; at the same time, to allow travellers to maximize their local travel experiences. win-win situation, yes. Their Maxperts are all authentic people and licenced companies, so you are guaranteed quality and safety. To find out more about how it works, there’s a pretty fascinating video that you have to watch.

Maxther invited me to try out and review their super easy to use and traveller-friendly site. I immediately noticed how every page seems to be like a light-bulb moment of travel ideas and plans to do in a specific ASEAN destination. You can browse and filter by travel experiences of your choice – from adventure, local culture, must-go attractions, photography, picnics, and special events – everything is well thought of. Additionally, they even threw in a few unique ones that you would not normally find out in other travel sites and blogs – silver hair experiences, unique experiences, pink experiences, and water or air experiences.

Travel Experiences within ASEAN

If you are like me who would like to become a Maxpert in the future, I suggest you check out the help plans. It’s essentially becoming a local tourist guide without the pains of actually leaving your day job or any other jobs that you are doing. It’s definitely a great way to profit off your passion and introduce people to unique experiences. These help plans are strategically split into 3 different phrases (Before, During, After) experiences, so that you can know how to proceed and become a verified Maxpert. They offer the FULLPROOF plan, UP YOUR GAME plan, and PICK YOUR OWN plan to make it easy for you to join in the club! Keen on joining? Check it out over here.

So perhaps, you are now ready to maximise your travel experiences in ASEAN with Maxther? Safe, local and authentic environment – that’s what we all desire, and I trust you have to try the Maxther way to get to know this beautiful piece of place on Earth known as the ASEAN region. I promise you, countries like the Philippines and Singapore won’t disappoint; and, you’ll also be surprised to find out how gorgeous countries like Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam are. I sure will let you know how it goes, based from my experience! More on that soon.

BONUS #Maxther

You can get a 5 USD discount off your experience in Maxther by applying the coupon code MAX-BOWDY Note that this coupon code expires on 31 December 2017. Yes, you are welcome! :-)

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