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Cashback via ShopBack

Blaming the daily and travel drudgeries on this, but I can assure you that I am back from my almost-forever hiatus.  Yes, I know that although I have been incessantly posting about travel, it has been a while since I shared something hack-worthy and goody about it. Which is why, I am surely thrilled to share about ShopBack, which is a top cash back site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines that allows anyone to get paid for shopping! Yes, you read it right, S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G. Who gets paid for such luxury? Y-O-U. Well, at present they have more than 500 merchant stores that have worked with them. Can you imagine the pos-shop-ibilities?

ShopBack invited me to try out and review their intuitive and ideal e-shopping-spree site. Aside from the recognizable fact that Shopback encompasses almost all shopping aspects known to mankind, like shopping for automotive and gadgets, dining, electronics, fashion, and lifestyle --- the site caught my attentive interest, because it works with most of my trusted travel sites like,, Scoot, Emirates, Qatar, Swissotel, Hilton, and Expedia. I’ve tried and experienced all that these sites can offer, so I can vouch that ShopBack is legit-as-a-lawyer! – And to have these names work with ShopBack is a “seal-of-A-pproval” for me that it works.

Online Shopping

So yes it’s cool that they have the Super Cashback Brands, Top Deals, and some features from big platforms like TechInAsia, The Straits Times, and The Channel News Asia, online shopping via ShopBack is just remarkable. How it works is simple: Shop + ShopBack = Cashback. This gets me pretty amped up, especially since they have Shopback offers from and Singapore Airlines, two of my hack-worthy travel websites I regularly use. Of course, if you like to get a visual feel as to how things work using ShopBack, do check out their videomercial and start planning your unlimited savings on your favourite stores.


Since we are still in this “bullet train of travel thought” about ShopBack, I think you’ll be glad to know about the Jetstar promo and cashback for amazing savings, because yes Jetstar should be your go-to budget airline, when traveling around Asia. Of course, another one is Expedia. I hope you’ve heard about it before, because it’s another good alternative versus Trip Advisor. Through ShopBack, Expedia discount codes will help stretch your travelling dollars!  Just do not be like me too much (who is too obsessed browsing through the best deals here); I believe there’s definitely something for you in ShopBack, it’s just a matter of choosing the best cashback % in every store and category you choose from here.

So perhaps, it’s about time for you to stop being acquainted with this site, and start exploring the possibilities of caching-caching!  Time to get cashback off your travel transactions with ShopBack, yes indeed. :)

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