Bäckerei Ströck: Local Bakery to Get Your Coffee & Pastry Fix

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Bäckerei Ströck
Apparently, Austria is predominantly about family businesses and close family ties. The Ströck family are currently active in the management: Gabriele and Gerhard Ströck, as well as Irene and Robert Ströck; beginning 1922, from the old art of baking bread and successfully passing through traditional craftsmanship, they have developed a constant expansion of their local bakery, with family spirit and tradition awareness. I found myself squeezing some pre-caffeine chasing time finding some apple worms, baguettes, and bojar cakes to bring with me to my train trip to Innsbruck.

Everybody who would pass by this beautiful bakery seems to be magnetized by the smell of freshly baked goods. Of course, plus points because most of their stores are very spacious with seats by the windows for people-watching. You can spend at least a few hours having breakfast or brunch here, or if you are like me, you could have it to go.

Bread-wise, from loafs, pastries, to flour dishes, snacks, and salads, everything is kept as fresh as you would want it to. The selections of cakes, pancakes, grains, rustics, traditional and fine foods, are not only visually delicious, they taste better than they look! Plus points for them because they offer Bio Organics which are high in nutritional value, and made them garner several awards. Must Try: Organic Celebration Loaf, chicken bagel, mozart cake, matcha latte

Location-wise, the Ströck Bakery has a presence in both the Lower Austria and Burgenland Vienna areas. You can spot at least one or two bakeries in every Viennese district, from 1 to 23. Some offer fast and pure salads, others are self-service cafes, while others are open on Sundays too. If happen to be an Austrian in my next lifetime, I would gladly volunteer to go here and buy coffees and cakes every weekday before going to work, just to soak up the scent of freshly baked bread and nice brews. See you?

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