The Perfect Time Has Come: A Visit to Innsbruck, The World’s Capital of The Alps

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A Visit to Innsbruck, The World’s Capital of The Alps
Innsbruck, which is the capital city of Tyrol in western Austria is nestled in the Inn valley, at its junction with the Wipp valley; it lies about halfway between Munich, Germany and Verona, Italy. Innsbruck is known as the Capital of the Alps. In my book, it reminds me of my 10 year old self in that dining table and that dream turned truth.

There are so many sights and attractions in this holiday destination, with so much unique mix of alpine urban experiences. There are nice towns in the surrounding areas, from alpine plateaus and wildly romantic hiking communities to family-friendly oases of wellbeing. I got the chance to roam around and see the Old Town, Golden Roof, Imperial Palace, and the Ambras Castle --- it’s absolute perfection.

Finally, let’s continue: a café dining table and a dream-turned-reality, that’s where it all concluded. I ended up blissfully unaware that the postcard I saw years ago is now as palpable as my eyes could see – Innsbruck is indeed a beautiful day-and-night-dream kind of place! Be it for wining and dining, shopping and design, arts and culture, health and wellness, or even nightlife, Innsbruck is that Austrian area for you. Check out these photos – anyone, take me back, please?

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