St. Stephen's Cathedral: Be A Witness To This Heavenly Landmark in Vienna

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St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

Locally known as the Stephansdom, the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is the mother church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna, Austria, and it happens to be the most glorious church I have ever seen in Austria. This truly Romanesque and Gothic inspired church, with its multi-coloured tile roof, is a sure standout amidst the busiest street it is at.

I was in search for some divine intervention to keep away from the excessive temptation (aka gadget spending), and found that this place is the ultimate answer! Who would have guessed that for a place like this, it can borrow at least a couple of hours of your time?

Built of limestone, though not obvious since it has adopted too much air pollution from the World Wars it has survived from, the St. Stephen's Cathedral's south tower is one elevating landmark that you cannot miss in Vienna’s panoramic skyline. I must say, it’s similar to the Sagrada Familia level of inspirational impact, which is unbelievably nice to see and feel yet again.

True enough; the glory of St. Stephen's Cathedral is its ornately patterned and richly coloured roof. Likewise, the interiors instead are equally magnificent. The tombs, catacombs, and crypts are not to be missed. Not to mention, the bell tower – where it is said that composer Ludwig van Beethoven had some realizations after seeing this part of the cathedral. St. Stephen's Cathedral has 23 bells in total.

18 altars and several formal chapels, such as St. Katherine's (baptismal chapel), St. Barbara's (meditation and prayer chapel), and The Chapel of the Cross (burial place), the church is certainly rich in history and places to get some serenely divine intervention.

This chapel, which is seen in an Austrian 10 cent euro coin, is so iconic, I detailed it out in my ad hoc itinerary as a must go during our 1st day in Vienna. So, however long or short you plan to visit Vienna, I hope you’ll discover the guaranteed illuminating force that can only be elicited by this inspirational church.

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