Right About Now, You Could All Use a Life-Changing Walk Around Innsbruck, Austria

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A Walk Around Innsbruck, Austria
The minute I sheepishly cried, “tour”, the first thing that my local friend indorsed was to do a DIY walking tour of the city center of Innsbruck, wherein it also happens to be where the Old Town is, and the rest of the historical and winning landmarks are clustered. It’s always a good idea to have friends from different cities that you can trust, because true enough – the DIY free and easy walking tour of the city is so stress-free, it’s like you’re living there already.

The head turners that you need to search for are the Golden Roof, which is a 2,738 fire-gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximilian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza; another thing is the Triumphpforte, which is a Roman-style triumphal arch, built by Empress Maria Theresa in 1765 to celebrate her son’s wedding.

The 700 hundred year old Maria-Theresien-Straße, the Annasäule, the Helbling Haus, with  "icing-like" Rococo stucco decorations, and the Herzog-Friedrich-Straße are the things not to be missed out, when you walk around Innsbruck. The sightseeing around this 800 year old town is so relaxed, and so culturally colourful, you won’t get bored nor tired of all the wandering. Although they have a Sightseer hop-on hop-off bus, the highlights in Innsbruck are better enjoyed by foot!

If you are like us who felt we only had one day around the city, there are easy to follow 24 hour walking guides, where hotspots and highlights around the city are recommended. It gave me that “Nepal feeling” but in a European setting, because everything is surrounded by beautiful mountain views, everyone is surrounded by nice friendly people, and the overall vibe is surrounded by beautiful and nice.

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