Rathauspark: Vienna's Best-of-the-Best Park Out There

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Rathauspark: Vienna's Best of the Best Park Out There
Rathauspark is a park in Vienna, Austria that is most likely one of the best city parks around the world. In the midst of this city’s already obvious beauty, this park provides a clear sense of peace and relaxation that makes it even more beautiful to leisurely rest in.

Advantageously located, seeing that how near it is to the Burgtheater, University of Vienna, the Austrain Parliament Building, and the City Hall, this opened-since-1873 park has two sections that are almost symmetrical, divided in the middle by a wide square like an avenue leading to the City Hall. This particular square is used all year round for numerous events, such as the traditional Christmas market, winter skating and summer outdoor cinema

Surprisingly enough, the Rathauspark has Japanese pagoda tree or an umbrella tree (Sophora japonica) and an old ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), so it definitely has this distinctive character of its own. Asian inspiration, yes?

The array of fountains and lavish choices of benches are beautifully speckled throughout the leafy grounds of the Rathauspark. I found myself reducing some travel tension here. It was the last two days before we needed to head back to Asia, and staying here for a considerable amount of siesta period was one of the best and most fulfilling park experiences I had in Austria. The place just transformed into this giant holiday ambiance that I did not want to get out of. Whoever is kind and generous enough to take me back and let me relax here on a daily basis, I will forever be grateful to you, yes?

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