Time to Geek out – This Is Perhaps The Finest “Secret” Cinema in Singapore

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This Is Perhaps The Finest “Secret” Cinema in Singapore

When going to the movie houses, a massive part of the movie-going experience is the quality of the cinema itself. A phenomenal movie in a run of the mill cinema can make for an atrocious experience, which tends to sway a person's opinion on the movie itself. That's why if you're serious about having the absolute best experience, then see it in The Projector at the Golden Mile Tower, along the Beach Road.

My criteria, along with the rest of the whole world wide cinema-goers probably, would agree when I say that it’s all about, ambiance, seating, sensory experience, crowd, and price are the qualifiers. These are the reasons why I decided to go for this place, when we had to celebrate our year-ender session with some of my closest of kinfolks in Singapore. It is in fact our tradition, to celebrate Christmas Eve together, and this year is extra special, because the lady friend decided to watch La La Land.

The Projector is this throwback cinema hall at the fifth floor foyer of this historical building. It’s like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place that you would not realize exists in this side of Singapore. Cool cool cool conservative yet creative place to watch a film.

Ambiance-wise, the overall feel of the cinema is this focused on indie, foreign, classics, and special themed kind of programmes. Hence, the 230 seating place looks a lot like an old school 80s movie house. Seating and sensory experiences are pronounced clearly through the quality of both the audio and videos. The crowd here is obviously cool, and original, and it’s quite funny to see how everyone was riveted on the screen, while munching on some popcorn or junk food. Price = bang for the buck, yes indeed.

In the end of it all, we were all drawn together by our common desire to do what we love… and no, I did not quote La La Land on that. But the movie was beautifully visualized, and the message was luxuriously encapsulated with the help of The Projector. Now, my question to you my friends is --- if success means saying good bye to love, and hello to your dreams, what would you do? I say success means choosing both; in this case, I’ll choose La La Land and The Projector :)


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