The Palace Garden in the Center of Vienna You Should Visit: Burggarten

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Vienna’s park for all seasons is unquestionably the “Mozart Park”. Be it daylight or nightime, for as long as it’s open and empty of crowd, Wien’s first public park is perhaps one of the more remarkable part destinations within Austria’s capital.

Anyone who goes to Austria always knows that it is indispensable to get some Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart exposure, be it via visiting cultural and historical landmarks, trying out food concoctions inspired by the music genius, or by following travel trails about Mozart. Most likely, you’ll get recommended to visit this free place if you are searching for some Mozart material, when in Vienna.

The legendary sculpture is found somewhere in the entrance of the Burggarten at the Ringstrasse. It shows the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Made of marble from South Tyrol in Italy, this landmark portrays the musician with his music stand on a decorated pedestal. Likewise, on the back of the sculpture, you’ll see a little six year old Mozart with his father and sister.

If you’re enjoying your own city walk and you plan to get some quick siesta sessions with your feet, heading to the Burggarten Vienna Garden & Palm House (Palmenhaus) is the thing to do. This historical park, which opened in 1919, has monuments, beautifully styled fences, a pond, a butterfly house, and a nice cafe restaurant. 

Needless to say, this park, accessible via the Metro U2 station Museumsquartier, is a good destination for that much awaited and much needed siesta with Mozart! While you’re at it, maybe a good idea to bring some mp3 music of Mozart while reading a good book in one of the scenic spots in the park, yes?

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