Schönbrunn Palace: Vienna’s Best Baroque Palace to Explore Excessively

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Schönbrunn Palace

Would you say wow to a 1,441-room Baroque palace that attracts roughly more than five million visitors a year? With vast garden spaces that are over 300 years old, this former imperial summer residence located in the very heart of Austria’s capital, Vienna – our troop of Asians could not count the times we have said WOW to this place. The whole Schönbrunn Palace with Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Palmenhaus, Wüstenhaus and the Wagenburg, are inspiringly magnificent, without a doubt.

The Schönbrunn, which means “beautiful spring”, is a UNESCO World Heritage site as of 1996. The Baroque ensemble and artistic flair of this place is a classic depiction of how you would imagine palaces and royal places in your dreams. You could hear the senior folks who were in the place saying that they adore the palace, so much so that they want to live there someday – possible?

With a lineup of 32 sculptures representing deities and virtues, Great Parterre of Schönbrunn is also an area worth going to. Not to mention, my personal favourite – the garden axis, which points towards a magnificent 60-metre-high hill. The Gloriette structure you can see here has a beautiful café, an unbelievable observation deck, and a once in a lifetime panoramic view feels of the city!

Moreover, did you know that this place is actually included in the “A Breath of Scandal” with Sophia Loren; not to mention, it’s even in the sixth leg of the Amazing Race 23, when the teams had to race through the garden's maze and search for the pit stop located at the Gloriette.

When you are in Vienna, this is one of the first or last places you should visit, because it leaves that indelible impact in your impression of Austria. Wow moment. Of course, this place offers tours and tour packages, plus classical concerts featuring Mozart music, so it sure is a place for everyone.

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