When in Singapore: 6 Ultimate Friday Night Out Places With Your Old Timer Friends

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Ultimate Friday Night Out Places 

I dislike being a rehash. I dislike being a rehash. (There you go, I dislike my sentence! LOL). You know, rehashing the past, retelling stories, or repeating things for the sake of remembering. I believe “give it your all every moment” trumps the idea of “reliving a moment in your own worded version”. 

Nonetheless, just like everything else in life, everything needs to be balanced - either rehashing or experiencing, whatever the approach, both needs to be enjoyed thoroughly to appreciate life as we know it. And with this idea, I am rehashing some profoundly humbling experience that I’ve been through for the past couple of months by rehashing it with a genuine story over beer with the best bloke I have known so far.

Singapore is a culmination of that great end story and to end that chapter in a bar as wicked as this place is beyond excellent. Check out these places, they just might surprise you with a good rehash with your old time friends and folks.

Bird Bird Singapore

For the reasons that Bird Bird is half price of Ding Dong, that the service is better, and the food is more thoughtful, given a choice to dine at Ding Dong or Bird Bird, I’d pick the latter. [read more]


Bobby’s Restaurant

Very tender and I like it that you can easily peel off the meat off the bones. The BBQ sauce is also not too sweet. Just nice for me. [read more]



Cilantro, avocado, chilli, chipotle, and lime were the ingredients that co-owner of two-week-old Chimichanga, Joy Chan, worked with to create the menu. [read more]


Freehouse Singapore

Here, there is not such a thing as "VIP" treatment., the mandatory greetings and introductions with the friendly staff on deck, the only rite of passage to access the incandescent streams of cold beer flowing through their glycol cooled beer dispensers. [read more]


We like especially the Green Curry Chicken Sandwich as it is something unique. With food and beer served, Hop Head certainly is a great place for chill out. [read more]

Odd One Out

Odd One Out is the new addition to Peranakan Place, serving up local and Western food. Dig into the spicy buttered corn skewers or the maple-glazed pork belly. Indulge in the rojak-flavoured chicken skin morsels and wash it down with the Tiger beer tower. [read more]

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