Gardens By The Bay - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest: What To Expect When You Revisit

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Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

Throughout the year, your calendar of events will most likely be packed with guests and activities, if you are an expat living in an incredible city such as Singapore. Funny thing is, these visitors of yours, be it family, friends, or loved ones, want to experience activities based from your endorsements. And as you’ll oftentimes end up visiting and re-visiting places that are extra-beautifully bucket-list worthy, you’ll end up challenged in getting inspired by the place already. However, can I just mention that the is certainly an exception? Yes, it’s worth coming back to this place many times. Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

My Irish foodie relatives chose to have a quick holiday here in Singapore, as part of their Asia trip this year. They are somewhat intrigued and interested to get to know this tiny red dot, which has merited rave reviews from some of our relatives who visited Singapore before. They wanted to feel for themselves the truth about Singapore’s garden-city wonders, and its amazingly dynamic food offerings. And so, after 15 hours of travel time, and a few minutes of rest and snooze intervals, we made our way to conquer Singapore’s most spectacular garden-city wonder: Gardens by the Bay.

It’s amusing to visit Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest with a new crowd, because you get to experience their flabbergasted feelings together. Needless to say, my Irish relatives were blissful to see these award-winning themed conservatories; not only were they glad to have seen the African-themed dome, but they were also fascinated to see the exceptional display of plant life. Equally, even after visiting this place for X number of times already, I can’t help but be marvelled by how Singapore can change the theme of the conservatory, and make it look diversely vivid compared to the previous one. This one sunny revisit to these coolest domes in Singapore is truly a must do at all times.

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