Free The Robot: Your Weekday Robot-Themed Cafe Choice and Its Low-Key Pleasures

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Free The Robot Cafe in Singapore

Free The Robot is this nerd-cool café space along the Telok Ayer St, which serves one of the most peculiar concoctions of all: Free the Robot Signature, a combination of Coconut, Espresso, Milk. Cupped in a geeked-out cup with a portrait of a happy-tiny robot, you’ll immediately notice this layer of coconut oil floating nonchalantly on the usual milk and espresso. Seems like robot liquor, yes.

Ambiance-wise, it’s neither robotics-inspired, nor is it a rebellious café with eccentric concepts. It is, however, enthused with nat-geo rustic texture to it, with airplane and mini-robot displays, doodle-dressed gray walls, and macho wooden fixtures; dimly lit and focused on natural lighting as much as it wants to, everything about this coffee place makes you want it to be that kind of hiding place --- for robots and humans who would like to hang out without being overpowered by excessive crowds. Must try: Single Origin Cold Brew, Free the Robot Burger, Surf & Turf Meatballs, Avacado Toastie. [see menu]

Free The Robot is worth endorsing to folks who are looking for that strangely comfortable go-to place for brunch, toasties, and drinks that is not packed with people, but filled with the right food flavours you’d want to discover freely. Now, it’s time to free your robotic routines, and try something new, perhaps hang out at this place?

Address: 118 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068587
Opening Hours: Weekdays 8:30 – 4:30 PM

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