Your Ultimate Freedom Plan: Where to Plausibly Settle in Singapore as a Foreign Talent?

Saturday, October 08, 2016 1 Comments

Where to Reside in Singapura? 

Perhaps, it is not as highlighted as it should be, but one of the most challenging parts of living abroad is the part when you have to move to a new place… every. so. often. It is not because it is required, but because it is part of the whole expat immersion and culture. Yes, you can live in a place for as long as you can, no denying about that; but similarly so, you can live in several places in such a short amount of time – that is, as little as three months, six months, a year, a year and a half, or two years – at least that is how it is in this little red dot of Asia.

In Singapore, I did a post before about the number of places I’ve stayed in, from hotels, hostels, condos, local-houses, etc – you name it. And I can say that it’s one of the cool yet challenging things about this country. Lots of carpenter-ing, and lots of life lessons – from housemates, to amenities, and nearby-ities. It’s great.

This time around, I’ve had the chance to scout for some new places, spoken to a ton of people, and became an instant real estate investigator in the process. Lol. Property Guru,, and the rest of these housing sites have been my ultimate daily to-do for the past couple of weeks, and I’m glad to share that this time around, we found an imperfectly perfect place – the best one yet. Here are some of the houses that I viewed, the maybe-good, obviously-not-good, and the what-the?! Yes, You just might learn a thing when viewing these Singapore homes, so enjoy!

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