Wake Me Up Before You Go, Will You?

Monday, September 12, 2016 1 Comments

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Wake Me Up Before You Go, Will You?

Although September hasn’t officially ended yet, and Green Day has not awoken still, I want you to know that, yes, I am still here. It’s been a while, how’s everything? As for me, it has been all sorts of busy – work, life, imbalance. But, yes, I’m still alive, kickin, and pretty much super well!

The simple truth is that a lot has happened on my end that basically prevented me from doing anything related to blogging. No one is to blame, but me. So sorry about that! I wanted to keep you in the loop, which is why I’m back in the game; I hope I didn’t keep you guys hanging about some of my series posts – like Bangkok, Europe, and Singapore.

Singapore seems like an action-packed movie recently, and everything about the daily grind looks like we are about to enter a movie’s climax. Just to fill you guys in, we are the first in South East Asia to get infected by this overhyped mild disease known as the ZIKA virus. Likewise, the yearly Singapore haze is back, although this time, the haze is a bit modest in quality and duration. Okay, enough with this kind of news?

On to the real good ones: first - I officially moved to a new place!! Pretty exhausted but equally excited about the new environment! Stoked about the new set of really cool flatmates, really nice overlooking apex view of the area, and really happy about gorgeous things I see and hear about this side of Singapore. I shall be sharing some photos pretty soon, watch out for that. CLUE: Found the new place via a nice start-up co / site!

Next – I travelled to a new country! I still get the same adventure-adrenaline feeling whever I think about it, much more experience it; yes, it’s one of remaining countries in Asia that I have not been to. Pretty fueled about that whole thing (more about this place… pretty soon, watch out for that too) CLUE: See photo above!

Lastly – I am back at updating the blog! Horray, I hear one clap from one reader, and that happens to be me! Hahaha well, thanks guys for still keeping in touch and sending in messages, yes I am back, thank you for waking me up before you go… don’t go! :-)

Bowdy is an amateur adventurer, a coffee sleepyhead, and a start-up rooter, with a penchant for classic-looking photos. At last count, he has visited some 60 countries, and is now living in Singapore. He's always in search of fascinating routines to exploit, within the edges of after-office hours and (un)limited holidays.

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  1. Here comes the rain again
    Falling from the stars
    Drenched in my pain again
    Becoming who we are

    As my memory rests
    But never forgets what I lost
    Wake me up when September ends