These Are The Photogenic Truths When Walking Around the Streets of Bangkok

Thursday, September 15, 2016 0 Comments

When Walking Around the Streets of Bangkok

Just like that, for the nth time, we found ourselves warily walking around the traffic-filled streets of Bangkok, while pretending to be cool and fearless. No amount of Thai bombing or kidnapping, or bad news will prevent these Manila-born-and-bred folks from being scared of city headlines. You see, if you come from a developing country, such as the Philippines, scary news seems to be ordinary now (and yes, I am unashamed of the fact that Filipinos are brave because of these things) . But the recent grave headlines that Thailand had about bombs and explosions are a bit terrifying to think about, to be honest.

The good thing, though, is that Bangkok does not show that they are scared of these things too. They are united, and excited to see travellers, visitors, locals, and the rest of the population to live normally, walking around and enjoying the beautiful brave Bangkok city culture.

I’ve visited Bangkok in several occasions, but this is the longest time that I have gotten a chance to roam around and visit the nitty gritty daily details of Bangkok. Hence, I am sharing with you the exhaustive photos of the a-la-local-walk during my week-week stay over there. I encourage you to go visit!


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