When You Visit the Holy Rosary Church Crown of Roses on the Chao Phraya, Thailand

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Holy Rosary Church Crown of Roses on the Chao Phraya, Thailand

The minute I landed in Bangkok, Thailand a couple of months ago, I received an email confirmation that I’ve wanted to read for so long. When I got the good news, the first thing that I did was to stop everything I was doing, and to go to this gloriously tranquil church in Bangkok, Thailand. I wanted to talk to the soul of souls, and to say a prayer of thanks. Of course, if my soul could speak, he would probably speak of joy and appreciation too, because this church is one beautiful Thai masterpiece.

Located in Samphanthawong District, on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River, this 1760~ founded church is of Gothic Revival style, with Portuguese influences. The main façade faces the river, and the Gothic-arched doors and windows are divine. The stained glass work inside is among the most beautiful in Thailand, as it tells a story of hope and appreciation, much like what I needed to do when I visited this place.

How to get there – just take the skytrain to S6 Taksin Bridge station, then a Chao Phraya river boat from the Sathorn Pier to N3 Si Phraya Pier. The local name for the church as shown on signboards is Kalawar Church (a Thai transliteration of Calvary).

Here are some photos of the church when I visited the place. To faith-believers out there, visiting places like one can add value to how you perceive destiny divinations – be sure to appreciate it! Amen.

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